Sebatron VEQC 2000 ! Again ...

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Tom666, May 1, 2007.

  1. Tom666

    Tom666 Guest

    Hi everybody,

    i am totally new here 8)

    I've searched the whole web for some information about the VEQC 2000,
    but i can't find anything about it.
    I already emailed Sebatron today , because i do own a VEQC 2000 unit
    which looks like that:


    can you tell me which generation this is?
    Any input is much appreciated :D

  2. Sebatron

    Sebatron Well-Known Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Yes that’s my work.I designed and built the VEQC-2000 from late 1990’s to around 2004.
    The original units were black and 3U high.
    The circuit changed significantly through the years but was primarily a stereo interactive EQ/Crossover with peaklimiter/compressor block tagged afterwards.
    Something ‘colourful’ and effective to master or sub-group mixes through.
    The interactive EQ is wide ‘Q’ .The compressor is Optical.
    That particular one looks like an earlier model which utilized feed-forward compression on the stereo bus.
    ‘Deep’ control is pre-detection in the compression sidechain.
    The knee on the purple series was quite square as I recall.

  3. Tom666

    Tom666 Guest

    :cool: cool !
    It's a great piece of hardware ! I love it especially on vocals !
    I only think i have to replace the tubes sometimes,but i never did that before!

    To be honest i think you need a "discontinued line" button on your homepage!
    This unit is really something to be proud of :D

    Thanks so much for the little information !

    all the best,
  4. Tom666

    Tom666 Guest

    another question - sorry

    How many purple units have been released back then ?
    Was it a "big" production line ? 1000 -5000 units or less then 100 ?
    Do i have a rare unit ? Just curious :D

  5. Tom666

    Tom666 Guest

    VEQC 2000

    :shock: i replaced the tubes in the unit and i almost got a brand new hardware !
    Man, i guess those tubes which were in there all the years must have been very very old :wink:

  6. Sebatron

    Sebatron Well-Known Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Thanks Tom !
    The VEQC-2000 is due for a re-issue.
    When that will be I'm not totally sure.

    The unit was discontinued due to its labour intensive assembly and internal alignment.
    The earlier units would take considerable Sebatron time to construct and the opto coupler driving circuit was revised several times.
    The unit breaks a few ,, errr ,, rules in its design to achieve multi-functionality with an organic response.
    The unit , like any , is as good as the operator can drive it....
    I always recommend driving the veqc relatively hot and to bring back the output level dials to unity.

    In the earlier days I used to over calibrate the ratio so that there was a fair amount of 'pump' in the in the reduction qualities. This is easy to adjust non-electronically by coating the first LED in the opto-coupler with some texta or liquid paper to deaden its light.

    A significant improvement was had when the anode voltage rail was doubled with the inclusion of a voltage doubler circuit located just after the inverter transformer in the power supply.
    This improved headroom , although some would argue the onset of second order harmonic distortion ( as with the lower voltage H.T rail ) was pleasant and suited their requirement and expectations of the design.
    That's when I re-configured the 'drive' switch from being passive attenuation to negative feedback control around the first stage of the first valve....

  7. Tom666

    Tom666 Guest

    Well, if you ever release a VEQC MK II , then it will be definately a machine for me 8)

    Here's a closer "inside view" to my machine, the Opto-Comp is so cool !


    By the way, great tip:

    Looking forward to the new VEQC , whenever this may be :cool:

    thanks for your patience SEB and all the great replies !
    much appreciated...


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