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Originally posted by Kurt Foster:
What may I ask would in your eyes, qualify someone to be a "real" reviewer?
Someone who witholds comment on what something sounds like until they've actually heard it.

Maybe that is what your problem is. You wonder why I get to have all this cool stuff sent to my house and you don't?

...I have stuff on the way to me from Manley, JLM, Audix and Yamaha Corp., Studio Projects to name a few as well as additional pieces from Sebatron and Millennia Media.
Are you going to wait for the gear to arrive before forming opinions about it?

Kurt Foster

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Jul 2, 2002
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Originally posted by J. Slator:
Originally posted by Kurt Foster:
[qb]What may I ask would in your eyes, qualify someone to be a "real" reviewer?
Someone who witholds comment on what something sounds like until they've actually heard it.
I have never made a comment regarding the sound of any piece without hearing it. I have said that readers report that the RNP is a great piece for the price. I have also said that I don't think a cheap IC PCB low powered product can sound as good as a discret, high power, hand built one would. That is no different than assuming a Linclon is a better car than an Escort without driving either one (I like the car analogies). It is called using common sense. But really Jay, you have been on my case regarding this stuff before I made those comments about the RNP. You have had a case against me ever since I did the Sebatron review. You are just looking for reasons to poke a stick at me. You are what is refered to as a "spoiler" and even if you don't admit it, you have an agenda. I don't know what it is but for some reason, you seem out to get me. Go ahead, take your best shot. I can take it!


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Apr 17, 2003
Well, I read the thread on the other forum on the subject, which BTW is one of those boring, namecalling threads. Funny how the "air" changed after Kurt's first post. I'll have to admit that I also buy into the consept of "hand assembled" being better than mass robot assembled one, plus the headroom factor if the Sebatron unit has this massive PSU.
You can guaranty, for example that a $150.000 car is better than a $50.000 car , you dont even have to try it. How doesnt that apply here, though it is sound we are talking about.
People have been talking about the marketing stragedy of Sebatron, well if a company puts more effort in the product and uses cheap methods in the marketing, means the product will be cheaper, and in return they sell more. By all means dont go the Behr***** route, I own 3 of their products and have returned a few of them, their brochures are thick and their website is exelent and that must have cost a bundle, I only hope they put more into their products in the future and less money into expencive hyping.
I can only hope that prices on Sebatron pre's wont go up, so I can come to own at least one because, though I have'nt even listened to the sound "snippets" I just trust Kurt Foster's judgement, besides if the RNP is even close to the Sebatron in delivering a good sound, the Seba is built like a tank and that is a big factor for me. I have owned a few drumsets and I can say for sure that you get what you pay for not only are the woodshells a factor but the quality of hardware DOES affect the sound, just take a cymbal and put on a cheap stand and listen then put on a quality stand and listen, there is ALLWAYS a huge difference, all the energy from the stroke goes into making sound and not into wibrating the stand. I hope my point is coming across, I'm speaking in general (not saying that the preamp housing affects the sound but those little and often overlooked things do affect it)
I'm wandering OT here but that is just how I see this. Just wish I had more to spend, then a Sebatron unit would be on it's way to the north pole :D