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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by DandalphTheGreat, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. I have been in the process of building a home studio for some time now. It will be primarily used for pleasure, but I am very much a perfectionist so quality is extremely important to me. I'm revamping everything and started by getting an IMac. I will be using protools system for the first time so that new to me. I'm in need of an upgrade on my preamp, interface and a great condenser that will fit into my budget which is roughly $2,000-$2,500

    Sales guys will try to sell you anything to make commish so I need advice from real people.

    PreSonus FireStudio Project
    MOTU Traveler - (used/great condition - $500)
    M-Audio Profire 2626

    M-Audio Sputnik
    Newmann Retro
    CAD Trion 8000

    ART MPA Gold (Suggested to change tubes to GT)
    M-Audio Octane 8-Channel

    That's what I'm considering, but anything else added is encouraged.
  2. EricUndead

    EricUndead Guest

    I have the art DMPA and I would call it a more brown tone, useful for more of a rock sound. I just finished tracking some acoustic guitars with it and I think I am going to re-track because I'm not all that happy with the tone. I have a Focusrite Twintrack that I do indeed like the sound for acoustic I get out of it but it is on the fritz so I need to figure out whats going on with it before I start tracking again.

    Just for note I have not done any of the MODs suggested for the MPA. It is stock out of the box. Right now I'm happy with it for rock stuff, just not for acoustic stuff.

    I also have the Presonus FP10 and the pre-amps are pretty good on their own.
  3. phil1960

    phil1960 Guest


    I would go with the ART MPA, also try focusrite trakmaster stuff, very good value, or possibly Universal Audio LA 610, they cost more but give good results. Of the mics I would go with the Newmann Retro, they are very usable/versatile and sound better than the other 2. They also look nicer! Plus with this combo I dont think you would need to change the valve on the ART, should sound pretty sweet as is...but its always an option....Let us know how you go...

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