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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by robertmetal, Jul 6, 2006.

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    anyone used/mixed the sennheiser e935 or e945?
    if so what do they think in comparison to other mics in their price range in terms of sound and ease to mix. i have used them a bit and think they sound really good. obviously i cant get the same gain out of the e935 as i can say with something like the e845 as the e935 is a cardiod.
    i used the e945(super cardiod)once in rehearsal(which was very loud metal) and the thing just didnt stop screaming with feed back which is a shame cos it sounds great. maybe it was something i did or didnt do but i just couldnt get the same GBF from it compared to the E845. sennheiser claim the 945 gives more GBF than the 845 but i was doubtful at the start as the 945 has only 20 db off axis rejection compared to the 845's 25?

    anyone have any idea's

    i guess if i could get it to work better it wouldnt be as good as an audix OM5?
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    i'm using the 935 and 945 both in live settings (mostly jazz and electric jazz) and i like them a log. they sound much better than the good old sm 58 and come pretty close to the Neumann 105. in a situation where feedback is a problem you might still be better off with an sm 58, using the 935 or 945 you'll probably have to apply more eq to your monitor lines...but it can be done...

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