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    I know this is a different subject than recording, but i'm having a hard time finding help with this problem. back in the day i used to sequence from my old Korg 01WPROX and simply run the sequences from there. I did the same for a short time when I upgraded to my Korg Triton. Shortly thereafter, I began dumping my sequences to a mini-disc player. I would run all audio from one channel and a click-track to the other channel. Of coarse the downfall is that I can't have a stereo mix out front, but it's always been reliable.

    Now days, I sequence using Cubase 4 and various VSTs. I want to be able to playback my sequence using 3 channels. Stereo L/R and a click-track. What are some ways that I can achieve this? The current band i'm with uses a computer running a cakewalk jukebox something or other (i've never messed with it and don't know what it's all about). Rather than the sequence being pre mixed, they are sending all the channels from the stage to the soundboard and the soundman mixs it live. It is highly unreliable. The computer locks up on a regular basis... at least once a weekend. They've tried different computers, changed out hardware, etc... needless to say, i'm not impressed with this method.

    I'm in the middle of changing bands and want to go back to something more reliable to playback my pre-mixed sequences. How can I do this? I want a stereo mix and a click track. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    dale moose
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    Jun 26, 2007
    Guess you want the click track to not be inside of the stereo mix...something bused to your ears or monitors separately ?

    Have you looked into adding another/separate sound card yet? This will give you another two channels.


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