Sequoia vs Samplitude

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    Here are features Sequoia has that Sam doesn't:

    In addition to everything Samplitude Pro X Suites has…

    Sequoia also contains:

    • - Advanced Xfade editor
    • - DDP export, DDP Player, and editor
    • - Automatic normalization function (float) before CD export
    • - Source Destination Cut
    • - Multi-synchronous Cut (Musyc), Find Audio
    • - Broadcast integration - content management systems
    • - User administration/multi users accounts
    • - Macros
    • - VCA faders in the mixer
    • - Auto Ducking Automation
    • - Video recording, basic editing and video export
    • - Cleaning and restoration suite is included and built in to Sequoia ($200 extra for Samplitude)
    • - Spectral Cleaning Editor with highly advanced functions (Harmonics, individual editing on multi-track material...)
    • - Independence Pro with full library
    • - Surround : Samplitude is only 5.1, Sequoia is 5.1 and 7.1 and beyond up to 12.0
    • - R 128: loudness metering, batch processing, watch folder, calculation of projects and files, loudness XML report
    • - True Peak Limiter in sMax11 (to avoid intersample peaks)
    • - Maintenance contract available
    • - Sequoia can sync to SMPTE, Samplitude only to MTC or via the SMPTE option (TCO) from RME
    • - Timecode Track
    • - ISRC in broadcast wave files compliant with EBU Tech 3352 (for export, CD-import, display in VIP)
    • - Export while recording
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