Setting up 2 SATA drives with A7N8X-E deluxe and XP SP2.

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    I'm having trouble finding the correct settings for using 2 SATA drives ( 160gb and 200gb ) with the A7N8X-E. My plan is to use the two drives separate, C for XP and host + vsti's etc, and D for wav / hdrecording. On the mobo i set the switch to enable SATA. I read this thread where David is having problems with this mobo's chipset and xp not recognizing the SATA drive and now i'm afraid that i'll be in for similar problems when i boot up for the first time.

    Because of this i have a few questions and i hope somebody can clear this up:

    -Do i need to install new, or additional motherboard drivers for the SATA drives to work?

    -How do i select which drive is C and D?

    -I'm not sure about how RAID affects my setup. As far as i know RAID gives the opportunity to have 2 drives act as one, which i don't want. So are there RAID (bios) settings i need to be aware of?


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    first of all you need to check if your mobo is capable of booting from sata which, if i remember correct, is the case with the a7n8x.

    erm, ok. a friend of mine had a similar problem with setting up a system on his sata drive.
    we found out that there were drivers for sata on the mobo cd. so ok then we had the problem on how to feed those drivers during windows installation we are already using the damn cdrom?? ok, its all quiet simple. we made a floppy disc of the sata drivers on another pc.
    then during bootup while the pc reads out the winxp cd we put the floppy disc in. the xp install starts to load all those drivers and shortly after that there it says to press F6 to add third party raid-controller, sata drivers or something similar. we pressed F6 and waited until all other drivers were loaded. finally there was the option to add those drivers from the floppy disc. well, in the end it worked, but we had to repeat this shitty process many time because the driver disc contained more than one sata driver so we had to go through all of them until we found the right one...

    anyway, i hope this little report helps you out...
    excuse all the bad english :D :oops:

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