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    I just bought a Firepod using the Cubase LE and I'm trying to get a BOSS DR5 drum machine to Start/Stop using MIDI. I've set the Firepod as the output and the DR5 as the receiver, set the MIDI on the DR5, checked the channels, ain't work'in. I need some help!!!!!!!!!!! It seems this would be an easy task?

    Anyhelp would appreciated,
    Thanks, Phil
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    Have you made sure Cubase is sending "midi-clock" out through the assigned midi port (on the Firepod) connected to the "midi-in" of the DR-5? Assuming everything is connected properly, this would be an internal software issue you may have to address.
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    Thanks for the advice! It seems the file I was in wouldn't work, but I started a new file and it worked right away. The simplest things can be so elusive.
    Thanks again : )

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