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  1. I have an audio visual rental company and I am also an old sax player. That said I want to make a nice little studio with my new mac 3ghz dual proc machine. I just don't know what controller ( I like having sliders but dont need to ) Software as well (we have it set up right now with 2 42" lcd screens and final cut pro studio). I have all the mics and large analog mixers but I don't know if I buy a mackie controller, mackie mixer onyx, or what and I know you guys know your stuff. I am buying this real quick as well on a new equipment order so thanks in advance for any advice.

    please feel free to let me know if I am way off on what I need and throw out your suggestions.
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    What is your budget? will you be doing a lot of Midi? or mostly tracking live musicians?

    Have you taken a look at Soundtrack Pro that comes bundled with the FCP suite? It doesn't do midi but supports Apple Loops. Can only record one stereo track at a time.

    I highly recommend Logic Pro, it has enough insturments and effects included to get the job done. 3rd party plugins are optional, it's the most complete package..

    If you are mostly recording real instruments take a look at MOTUs digital Performer 5, it's used widely for film scoring.

    I would stay away from Steinberg products because of poor performance on the Mac.

  3. I am looking at mostly live instruments at this time. I am looking at the new big mac, and the 003 factory, mixer with pro tools le. What do you think of that set up to start? It will be about $6500 for those 2 items.
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    That'll get the job done...

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