Setting up a mobile studio...need equip advice

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by clay3am, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. clay3am

    clay3am Guest

    I will be using a Lexicon Omega and i need to know some other necessary pieces i will need. mics are not an issue. things i know i need but would love some advice on...
    guitar preamp
    multi input headphone mixer
    general mixing board

    what would be my best option for monitors? advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. Pre Amp

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    I just finished the whole "mobile studio" thing. I was going out to clubs and recording the bands live to harddrive and then bring it home to mixdown later.
    As far as a guitar preamps...Not sure if you want a preamp for your guitar, or a preamp for your mic that is in front of your guitar cabinet?
    I use API on my mic's for guitar, and/or Great River. But as far as a guitar preamp...GrooveTubes makes several to choose from. Price may be an issue, what's your limit?
    I'm not sure which multi input headphone mixer for you to get.
    As far as compact mixers go...I was using an Allen&Heath mixwiz3 for my live shows. I didn't use the preamps in it. I just used it to route the signals to my harddrive recorder. If you using outboard pre's then most likely just about any board will work for you.
    Also look at the Studio Projects 8 channel mixer. It is compact and you might want to concider it, as an alturnative.

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