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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by MaloS, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. MaloS

    MaloS Guest

    Heya, I am starting out recording with a band, and currently trying to find a set-up that will go within 500-600 dollars. I am setting all of this on a laptop, (not too wise, but no alternative).
    I need to record electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric bass guitar, and a vocal. I own a shure sm57 mic, sennheiser hd595 headphones, and about to have Echo Indigo IO (originally for listening to music, but I want to see if I could use its input), and Soundforge 4.0(the best I could get my hands on).

    A friend recommended that I get a digidesign Mbox ($450) which will also come with all the necessary software. I now looked through all the reviews of it I could find and am seeing reports of inconsistensies of its performance.

    Would it be a better choice to go with the Mbox, and is there anything you guys could tell me about it before I go out and get one? Is there a possibility of using the Echo Indigo's input combined with pre-amps, hopefully fitting in $200 without a significant degrading in sound quality? Or is there a better interface in the given price range?

    oh ya, if it helps, the music style is classic rock with incorporation of classical/flamenco guitar.
  2. Spookym15

    Spookym15 Guest

    The humming could be a bad ground I am not too good with electronics. If you are looking for some cheap things I would get this:

    2 sm 57
    1-2 sm 58 for vocals on live shows for your band and for back up vocals
    1 AT2020 I hear they are great and the are only 99 bucks a large diaphram condensor .
    1 PG drum mic kit from shure. Comes with 2 PG-81, 3 PG-56, and 1 pg-52. They sound pretty good.

    Its not the best sounding things by any means but they sound good and they are fairly inexpensive. I like the PG Drum kit for shows because they can take a beating and still sound good.

    Events make a good monitor and so do Alesis makes the M12k or something like that they are powered for 350 I think. Also you need to decied if you want power monitors or unpowered monitors, unpowered you need to get an amp to I would go with powered events I have the Alesis's and they sound okay. Try to make your basement as acousticly sound as you can, go cheap hang blankets and get foam from wal-mart.
  3. MaloS

    MaloS Guest

    do i necessarely need monitors or can i stick with 2.1 set of speakers and use headphones for reference?

    live shows are not considered at all right now. this is specifically for home recording...the massive amount of mics makes sense by all means though for drums. i am considering recording guitars clean though (acoustics with 1-2 mics) and then overlaying the effects.
  4. RAIN0707

    RAIN0707 Guest

    there is no reason to purchase the Mbox at this stage. It's not going to give you that much more than what you already have with the Indigo I/O card. I have an Indigo I/O card that I use for recording stuff in the field and anywhere I need to on my laptop. My advice would be to keep the 400 bucks you would be spending on a Mbox and save that money to upgrade to something like the Motu Traveler or Presonus FireWire interface that is out right now. The presonus would give you 8 decent preamps to work with and you could hook it up to your laptop and to a PC if you ever wanted to set up a desktop workstation in the future. There is no way you will be able to do drums with the indigo though unless you ran the drums through a separate mixer and mixed all the drums down to a stereo track to go into the indigo. Maybe programmed drums for now is the way to go. There are some decent free drum programs out there and cheap drum machines on the market that can do the job. If this is not acceptable then I would go with a Presonus firewire interface for the time being. It is definitely most bang for your buck.
  5. Spookym15

    Spookym15 Guest

    just use the computer monitors you have. dont spend a lot of money on monitors until you train your ears. I got monitors after a little time of doing engineering so I could hear things better. Dont buy an mbox, they are great and they are standard but you are just getting into this stuff. Spend a year or two working on this stuff to see if you really want to buy an mbox. I started this stuff since i was 16 got a set of monitors when I was 18 and finally got an mbox when was 20 and hopefully get a digi002 this year and I am 22. Take your time ask a lot of questions and try not to waste money. Give it a year and then look into monitors and an mbox. Try to aviod using headphones when mixing. You wont hear the bass responce and the mix will be muddy through regular speakers
  6. MaloS

    MaloS Guest

    well drums are plainly out of question now, thanks for the heads up against mbox right now. I cannot use firewire (sadly enough laptop only has usb ports). I still need a preamp to go with the mic and guitar recordings, I do not want to use my crappy amp/speaker. Any recommendations? I was looking at M-Audio stuff for that matter, any recommendations around $100 price range then?
    If I am going to use speakers for reference I have a set of Altec Lansing mx5021s, which have better frequency responce than most monitors in the given price range, I do not know how that would effect the process, any information would be awsome.
    Is there any great multi-tracking software that I should look to for this process? Also quick though, if the soft for example supports 8 tracks, can I eventually combine 8 tracks into 1 when I am happy with the way the sound together in order to combine more than 8 tracks later? (that one is prolly like 'duh', but I want to be sure)

    thanks alot guys.
  7. Spookym15

    Spookym15 Guest

    Berheringer or however you spell it makes a a couple of cheap mic pres as does Presonus. I have a preSonus tube mic pre that dosnt sound that bad. You can go to guitar center and get a presonus mic pre and a c100 mic for 150 bucks or the mic pre and c200 mic for 200. It sounds pretty good. M audio makes usb interfaces with mic pres on it.
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