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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by raiphord, Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. raiphord

    raiphord Guest

    whats up everybody its me again raiphord.
    i have a studio im trying to set up
    i have a computer that i want to make beats off of.

    i have a mc307 and mc505.
    i have a 16 channel mixer
    i have 4 peavy 12"s for the studio
    i have two mics
    two guitars
    i have a two channel amp
    and a two channel eq

    i have two cd recording head units not including the one on the pc
    i want to tie all this together and do some good recording off of it.

    or tie it all into the computer to record to the pc.

    does anyone have any suggestions


    raiphord :cool:
  2. trixie

    trixie Guest

    what sort of connections do you have between your mixer and your pc? what software are you running?
  3. raiphord

    raiphord Guest

    hey trixie thanks for your reply. i dont know how i should hook it up what do you think would be a good recording software to invest in. and i can probably think of a way to get my mixer into my computer but not coming out through all four 12's . the amp is kind of old. and i might have to just forget about the 12's and invest also into some new studio monitors or somthing of the such. thanks again and i hope to hear from you

  4. trixie

    trixie Guest


    there are a few software platforms you could check out. people will always ask 'what's the best one?' but you need to understand that they all have their hangs ups and perks. to each his own.... the best way to try and work out what's best for you is to demo them in a shop or find someone who will let you mess around with theirs. i'm a mac user, but there are some good pc based programs. unfortunatly, i know little about them. :) for starts, check out cubase SX and appleton live. you can also get pro tools LE for pc, but the midi features are less than desirable if you plan on programming drums, etc.

    as for your 4 monitors, well, you only need two, mate. :) they should do just fine.

    no matter if the amp is old so long as you like the way it sounds.

    again, what sort of connections to you have between your mixer and pc?

    good luck!
  5. raiphord

    raiphord Guest

    thanks for the reply trixi. the connections i have on the pc are just basic sound card. so i would have to run a y cable from rca to mini plug to go into the back of the pc. but then i wouldnt know how to run studio monitors. well maybe i do ill check.
    what is ableton live is it recording software. and what do u think about the soundblaster audigy platinum edition card.
    and what do you think about the roland phantom f8 and is it worth the investment.
    thanks trixi
  6. trixie

    trixie Guest

    check out abelton on basically, it's a an audio and midi sequencer. check out this too http:// for cubase and nuendo.

    i will admit, i've had no experience with the gear you listed, so i don't want to chat $*^t. :)

    hooking up your monitors is probably the easiest bit. just take your master L and R from your mixer and stick 'em in your monitor inputs. adjust the monitor imput levels so they're as balanced as possible. sorted!
  7. raiphord

    raiphord Guest

    i havent had a chance to check out the web pages yet but thanks for the info. ill check out those sites tommorrow and ill hit u up with a reply. i really need just a software program that can make some really good beats and one that i can record to on my pc.
    give me a chance to check them out ill hit u up.

    thanks again

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