Setting Up Audio PC With Many Plugins

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  1. Setting Up Audio PC With Many Plugins

    Having recently viewed the ever extending size of the plugins I possess; I decided it was time to upgrade my system and the way in which it is utlised. I have noticed now that with some single plugins taking up over +40GB in space I would definitely be in need of a larger drive (2TB) to store this capacity.

    My question is quite simple, and please let me know what option is most viable and why

    OPTION 1: Would you install OS (Windows or MAC) to one hard drive and all plugins to a hard drive of own?

    OPTION 2: Would you install OS (Windows or MAC) and plugins to the same hard drive; and then with those plugins that you can allocate the libraries to a separate space, put the libraries on a separate hard drive?

    OPTION 3: Would you simply install the OS (Windows or MAC) and plugins to the same hard drive; which I'd guess would have to be 2TB with the extending number of plugins available?

    Also if anyone has experienced this; may you let me know if you have ever had to get more than one drive to store this ever expanding plugin libraries.

    All suggestions would be much appreciated.

  2. quietman

    quietman Active Member

    Oct 13, 2010

    Like you I have a shed load of plugins... probably too many. My OS and vstplugin are on the same drive which seems to work OK. What I do have on a seperate drive are my projects files and DATA for many plugins. This was advice from people on Cakewalk's forum.

    But 2TB is a lot... perhaps you need a NAS box with mirrored drive for redundancy for both plugins/data.

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