Setting up external effects, in some sort of chain?

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    hey all. I have a question. I have the emu 1820m, a yamaha mg400 series analog mixer, with 16 channels, a dbx 32 band eq, a behringer compressor, a lexicon reverb, and a tc electric mulit effects unit, a art 2 channel microphone pre amp, and a 24 channel patch bay.

    Since, i started using the emu card, i have not patched or setup any of my external effects. I would like the option to use them, if i like. In my patch mix dsp virtual mixer, there is an option to physically send return to one of these effects. I have tried this with no luck.

    If anyone of you had this setup, how would you set things up to utilize everything? now, with my yamaha mixer, i hardly use it. Just for my main master volume, and monitors.

    Is there, something, i can, do, to set this up better? i am currently not using, any of them.


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    Every time I get my outboard pre's and effects set up in a reasonable fasion, I find a new way to use them that necessitates changing the whole signal path. I really want to tell you to sit down and draw out everything, otherwise these sort of things will continue to confound you.

    But in the spirit of something or other, try putting all of the outboard fx (that give you the option of bypass) in a chain that either starts and ends at SEND and RETURN on the mixer or OUT and IN on the interface, respectively. That way you can send whatever you want through any of the processors and get it back on a different channel +/- processing. Also consider using your EQ just before your monitors. I could be wrong, but I will guess you don't have a custom tuned control room.

    If Emu claims to let you integrate outboard fx, RTFM!!! Or at least look for a forum dedicated to EMU stuff. People tend to ignore you once you utter that particular brand name.

    All I've got...
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