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    So in the process of exploring the knobs in a pair of Cbs's volumax's i've proceded to screw it all up.
    i'm trying to calibrate the unit again in accordance with the manual but it requires the output to be loaded with 600 ohm's.
    the unit's transformer balanced on in and out's.
    where do i put the load? lets say i make 600 ohm's out of resistors do i load across ground and hot?
    hot to cold?
    cold to ground?
    i'm not sure
    also can i just plug the out on to another compressor's in that is 600 ohm's.

    Thank you very much

    all the best
  2. Kev

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    Nov 13, 2001
    600 between hot and cold ... pins 2 and 3

    yes ... if the other comp is a 600 and not a 10 to 40k bridging input.

    you and we need more info to do this correctly
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    Thanks kev.

    i have the manual so i recon i'll be ok with your info.

    5khz 1.6mv adjust one of the variable resitors to out .5volts
    but without the proper load i guess i could not do this.

    Thank you.

    ps: i began my quest of turning everything to see if i could adjust attack time of the thing but no dice. and also to open up the high end.
    i somewhat did manage to open up the high end a bit but after really listening closely all i was doing was distoring giving the apperance of more high end.

    i have another unit that i can compare with that i have not touched.

    Again thank you this is great!

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