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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by shomama898, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. shomama898

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    Hello, everyone, this problem I have is killing me. I am trying to record with midi. I can't figure out how to make it work. So... I want to know if I am at least plugging everything in the right way.

    here is my equipment:
    Mac OS X
    oxygen 8 Midiman Keyboard
    Mbox (the first one, yes)
    midisport uno (1x1 class compliant USB to Midi interface)
    pro tools LE 8

    I honestly do not know what to plug into what. someone please help
  2. pr0gr4m

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    k...i dont have a mac nor an mbox...but here's what you need to have hooked up.

    Connect the Oxygen 8 MIDI OUT into the Midisport Uno MIDI IN.
    Connect the Midisport USB to the USB port on the computer.

    That's it as far as MIDI hookup is concerned with your equipment.

    That's about as far as I can get you with any certainty. Everything else from here on out is just me guessin. In PT, you probably need to select a MIDI input device...that would be the Midisport. Then you set up a MIDI track and have it accept data form the MIDI device .
  3. Boswell

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    You have problems here. The Mbox does not have MIDI I/O, and PTLE does not support the Midisport Uno or any other non-Digidesign interfaces.

    What I would do is use another program such as Reaper to record the MIDI data stream via the Midisport Uno, and then import the MIDI file into PTLE for processing.
  4. ahavill

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    Yes and no... Digi doesn't generally support other hardware but they acquired m-audio not too long ago, which is why pt m-powered now exists. And, m-audio midi interfaces are digidesign-approved for pt LE.
    But you should be going directly from the Oxygen 8 to the mac via usb. I don't think you need the midisport 1x1 at all, unless you need more midi connections (rack gear, keyboard synths, drum machine etc) which it doesn't sound like you do.
    A lot of newbs have problems with this since more & more midi gear is not using the familiar 5-pin midi connection; its still midi data but it goes over usb. So now people have to learn the difference btw audio & midi, but also understand that midi doesn't always need a midi cable... Understandably confusing.
    Point is, you say you want to start using midi, which I am guessing means, you want to use the Oxy8 kb to play instruments within pt. If you plug the Oxy8 usb into the mac I think it will show up in pt automatically as a midi controller, at most you'd need to install the newest oxy8 driver. I think the midi out port of the oxy8 would also show up as a midi interface, but again you don't need to use actual midi connections & cables unless you have some other hardware you're trying to get in the mix. The midisport is for people who have a keyboard without usb; they need to use a midi cable to go into a box like the midiport, which converts it (still midi data!) into usb. The oxy8 obviously has usb out already, so it doesn't need to go into the midisport.
  5. pr0gr4m

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    Cool....I didn't know that keyboard has a USB out. That would definitely be the way to go then.
  6. Space

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    Jun 26, 2007
    Wow...not one mention of reading the manuals.

    You guys are either slipping or I am a book worm.

    Read the manual(s). It is the best source of information for your gear.
  7. ahavill

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    I think that depends on if you're a newb or a pro Space... MIDI was confusing people for a long time before it got more complicated (ie USB)
    I dont have an Oxy8 or its manual, just happen to have seen them enough to know they have a MIDI out connector & a USB out, & I got the sense that shomama898 had probably been told "you need a MIDI interface to connect your keyboard to protools."
    I agree, read the manual first, but hey we've all been there scratching our heads... sometimes the manuals give all the details with no big picture. Or, they're barely translated to the point of comedy
  8. shomama898

    shomama898 Guest

    okay I am still trying to figure it all out. but this is what i have so far

    When i plug the oxy8 straight into my computer via USB, the computer doesnt recognize that there is a midi controller. what did work is plugging the midi out of my midisport uno to the midiout(keyboard) on my oxy8. I have no idea what that means, but all I know is that when i record on protools and hit buttons on the oxy8, it picks it up. However I can't hear back the notes that I play for some reason.
  9. shomama898

    shomama898 Guest

    heres another question. When I am using protools, and I use the Audio Midi Setup, click show info and try to define the device name the manufacturer and the model of my keyboard, my oxy8 does not show up as a possible option. Could this be why I can not hear back my midi keyboard when I play it on protools? I made sure to make a midi track and a stereo auxiliary track and I am pretty sure I did all the correct inputs and outputs.
  10. ahavill

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    Hmmm.... I tried to poke around google to confirm or deny the compatibility of the Oxy 8 as a MIDI interface for ProTools. Unsuccessfully.
    Do you have a newer "v2" Oxygen 8? If so, you need to make sure you have the latest driver for it installed on your computer.

    Once installed, you should start seeing the Oxy appear inside pt.

    I bet you have the older Oxy 8, if so you'll have to find the driver. Contact m-audio tech support, they should have it. Or you could try the version on the disk that came with the Oxy, if you still have it- but it may be out-of-date & not work well with your version of PT.

    So, you are using the midisport as an external MIDI interface. The Oxy 8 transmits your playing as MIDI messages out of the MIDI connector, the midisport converts it to USB, and it shows up in PT.

    I strongly recommend figuring out the driver issue. It will make life easier in the long run. If it is not happening & you're sick of searching the web instead of making music, just move on...

    You've got the midisport showing up in PT, & you've correctly connected the Oxy to act as a keyboard. So, when you hit the keys, you can see pt detecting the messages.

    NOW it gets complicated...but don't worry, all this stuff gets a lot easier once you've done it a few times. First make sure you're in the Mix window for these steps.

    Create a new Instrument track (Or a new MIDI track, they are sort of the same thing, see below.)

    At the top of the channel strip, click on one of the grey boxes underneath where it says "Inserts." You should see a list of available plug-ins. Here's where you select the instrument, so make sure you choose from the "Instruments" category- not FX.

    Most plug-ins will load with a basic patch of some kind (the digi instruments all seem to.) So, at this point you should be hearing sound. On some plug-ins, like Native Instruments, you'll have to load a patch from within the popup plug-in window.

    That should get you started. The real confusion comes from people not understanding: MIDI & Audio are NOT THE SAME. Check out the recent post I made in the Pro Recording forum, trying to help explain this to someone else new to MIDI. Or, check out my preferred MIDI recording setup in PT:

    Create 2 tracks: one MIDI, one Audio. Start with MIDI.

    Hopefully the "I/O" settings will default to your midisport. Arm the track, the button with the dot will start flashing red. Now play the keys- you should see a level meter bouncing up and down as you play. Still won't hear anything, don't worry.

    Now create your audio track. Here's where you choose your plug-in insert, like above. Now, on the MIDI track, click on the output box (the lower of the two grey boxes underneath where it says "I/O".) You should see the plug-in show up as an option, ie "miniGrand 1 - channel 1." Choose any channel. At this point you should hear sound when you play, even though you haven't armed any tracks.

    Why do I bother with all this extra 2 track stuff you ask? Since MIDI & Audio data are so different, I prefer the separation. I feel its easier to use two tracks from the start since I inevitably end up needing to create & patch in an audio track later. And, I like to record an audio track as a safety backup to any important MIDI tracks I record, & I just find it easier to have that all set up from the start. Meaning, when I play the keys, I record to the MIDI track. When I am done with the project, as a precaution, I record the audio track. This is also a way to free up processing power if you have too many plug-ins going- once you've "printed" a recording of the software instrument (being triggered by the MIDI track) you can remove the plug-in & just work with the audio. I try to do all this at the end of the project, since once you've turned it into audio, you lose all the flexibility of MIDI.
  11. shomama898

    shomama898 Guest

    THank you so much, I have it up and running. I really appreciate the help so much. -Sho

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