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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by st17ch, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. st17ch

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    I have a major dilemma, I have a behringer ddx 3216 digtital mixer, a optimus concertmate 990 keyboard (it's basically a casio), and i'm running pro tools 6.4 with the digi 001 I/O box.

    What I would like to acheive is to be able to use the mixer to control the on-screen faders and pan controls, and the keyboard for recording notes (the keyboard also has a pitch wheel i'd like to use).

    I did have the keyboard setup the way I described above, but my system crashed and i had to re-install everything. Now i can draw notes in on protools and plyback on either the computer speakers or (if i change the midi output to the keyboards midi channel) it can playback on the keboard, but evan if i set protools midi in channel to the keyboard it doesn't even show up on the meter if i'm sending sound through midi. keep in mind the keyboard will play midi from the protools gear if setup to do so.

    please help me i'm a major noob, just learning about mixing and creating my own music.
  2. tomtom

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    OK, I'm not sure that I understand 100% what you're saying, but it does not seem overcomplicated.

    You need to go into your Audio Midi Setup (In the Mac, not PT) and create new devices for your mixer and/or your keyboard. Connect them to the appropriate midi ins/outs on the display.
    Set them up midi-wise (channels available, names and so on).
    Re-launch Pro Tools. You should now see in your midi tracks inputs and outputs, the devices you have created in your Audio Midi Setup.

    I don't know if your desk is compatible with the languages that PT understands, but you should be able to control PT tracks levels and mutes via midi. Check in the Peripherals menu > Midi Controllers and find out what works. Set one controller per 8 channels.

    Visit the midi menus in PT to make sure that parameters match your configuration.

    Hope this helps,

  3. st17ch

    st17ch Guest

    you helped a lot, but i run pro tools on a pc not a mac. do you know if there is some sort of midi thing i have to setup on the pc (outside of protools) ?

    and do you know how to go about doing so?
  4. st17ch

    st17ch Guest

    Well I figured out that there was something wrong with the out port on my keyboard and after ressetting it to factory defaults it worked fine for recording midi.

    However, I still have no idea how to get the mixer to work, right now I have midi out on the digi 001 to in on the mixer and thru on the mixer to in on the keyboard and out on the keyboard to in on the digi 001, is this the way i should have it? and how do i get the faders on the mixer to control the faders on the screen, I am useing pro tools on a pc running windows xp

    the digi 001 has a serial port and the mixer has what looks like a serial port but is labeld RS232 and under that it says I/O

    is it possible to use this to control the protools faders?
  5. radioface

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    protools controllers

    to the best of my knowledge you can not use any other controllers/digital mixers to control protools with the exception of digidesign gear, like the controllers that come with the 002 gear or the control 24 and what's the new one called, control 8 or something. protools owns this market and they want not some but all of your money if you want to use their gear to the fullest. god bless 'em.
  6. tomtom

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    I wish I could help you furthermore, but I'm not familiar with PCs...
    However, your midi setup makes sense, as long as your mixer and keyboard are not interfering with e/o (channels, input filters and so on.)
    If you check PT's manual on page 26 (Configuring Midi), you'll learn, I guess how to set up you midi. It is done in the PC's Multimedia Setup.

    Now for controlling your mixer : I did not see any protocol to communicate with Pro Tools in your mixer's manual, so I guess it's not possible...

  7. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    Apr 21, 2005
    the behringer WILL NOT work with pro tools its not approved by digi and i doubt they ever would. you can use other contol surfaces like a mackies and tascams but i'm affraid you're screwed with the behringer.
  8. yan_b

    yan_b Guest

    i saw this in the manual that came with pt 6.9 (i dont remember it in earlier version manuals) i guess it can work with 6.4 since the controller is the same, thats of course if you can program your mixer to send midi data.
  9. st17ch

    st17ch Guest

    I can reprogram the midi functions on my mixer so that doesn't sound to far fetched, do you know anything edge wise about how to do it?

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