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  1. Thunderz2000

    Thunderz2000 Guest

    Hello all im a newbie so go easy on me...oh but i am also a musician so that helps

    I have just started using Sonar 4 PE and i have also purchased a carlsboro megamix 8 mixer. The soundcard is an Emu 0404.

    Pc is Athlon 1.24 ghz with 512 ram

    Ok now the questions

    The way i have the mixer wired is as follows
    1. Obvious track one is line in for instrument or vocal
    2. line outs from the emu card to stereo chanel ins on mixer
    3. Line ins to Emu..connected to single Monitor out on mixer using adapter
    4. Active speakers to Main outs on mixer

    question 1. is that configured correctly becuz when i record i have noted the following problems occur

    1. track bleed..record drum wavs to track one in sonar
    2 guitar track 2 contains weak drum track also very feintly

    i cured it only this way. all monitor sends down low . on the mixer turn chanel monitor up to max master monitor real low

    god this is a mine field..hope it makes some sense

    can anyone help me through this...

    i have recorded ok into sonar by the way apart from that irksome drum being in the background of track 2 unless i have low volume then monitoring thru headphones sounds crap

  2. Jeemy

    Jeemy Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2003
    I started to write a detailed reply to this and then it turned out I really couldn't answer, your question is not detailed enough.

    1) Are you recording 1 track at a time?

    2) Do you have an amp and speakers or only headphones?

    3) Does the Carlsbro have any other outputs - direct outs or insert points on the channels perhaps?

    4) Why are you using the mixer in the input chain? Are you using the mic preamps on it? Could you plug your instruments straight into the Emu?

  3. Thunderz2000

    Thunderz2000 Guest

    1. Yes im using only one input to record and just changing instruments

    2. I usually monitor through headphones but i do have a set of active speakers connected to the aux out

    3.the only out puts as such on the carlsvro are a) main outs b) one monitor out c)fx out and return d) another 2 outs underneath the main outs and tape in and outs

    4.i could plug straight into the emu but then i would be using the dsp onbaord mixer and there hangs another story so i use an external mixer so i can eq before it gets into the puter and also becuz i need to preamp the signal as there are no preamps as such on the 0404


  4. Jeemy

    Jeemy Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2003
    Well the reason is as you half-identified, if i understand your post correctly. Its pretty confusing but then its hard to get across.

    You've connected all your monitor outs to the one input. Therefore the monitor levels of your other tracks will feed back in.

    The Carlsbro probably has very poor crosstalk and other specs i.e. zero is not true zero, and therefore you always hear bleed.

    Firstly, drop the adaptor. Without being too much of an authority, its gonna be messing with impedances and can't be a good thing. This is me assuming the 0404 is a 4-in 4-out and you are connecting all 4 ins to the monitor out?

    You only need to use one input to the Emu, if you're recording one track at a time. You should just repatch it.

    I can't find any info on the Megamix, but look to see if you have a direct out, or a channel insert.

    If you can (check the email manual) connect your instruments to the Emu direct from now on, and bypass the mixer. When you come out of the Emu again, why do you need to use the mixer? Can't you just connect the Emu direct to your amp?

    The only thing I can see you would need the mixer for is to use it as a preamp for your vocals - in which case if you have to, go into the mixer, then you should be coming out of a direct out or insert point specific to that channel. It doesn't sound like the Carlsbro has this.

    What you are doing is to come out of a shared bus (the monitor bus) which doesn't have very good separation and is picking up your output channels.

    So try this:

    Source if line - straight into the Emu. EQ it in the box. ANY benefit you are getting from the Carlsbro EQ will be negated by the fact that (a) the mixer has very poor specs and (b) you are adding unnecessary circuitry.

    If mic sources, your gonna have to live with it. Have a look at your AUXes and see if they are prefader so you can go mic --> aux out --> Emu --> DAW with decent levels. If not try the effects send following preamplification.

    But come straight out of the Emu to your active speakers or headphones - it sounds like by going through the mixer (you're using it as a headphone amp right?) you're getting crosstalk. If you need to use headphones while tracking, seperate their gain stage by using the monitor outs and keep the auxes for your inputs - so inputs to the desk follow a different path to the Emu than outputs from the Emu do back thru the mixer.

    As soon as you can, change that desk to one with direct outs and/or insert points, and one that is powered. I am still slightly bemused how an unpowered desk provides mic gain - it can't be in a good or balanced way....

    Make sense?
  5. Thunderz2000

    Thunderz2000 Guest

    thanks for your input some is making sense but still confused by the last 2 paragraphs

    for your info the emu 0404 has one pair of unbalanced analog inputs and one pair of analog unbalanced outputs.

    it says the out puts can feed any linelevel inputs such as a mixing board

    im stiull confused as to how monitor through headphones if i do as u suggest.


  6. Jeemy

    Jeemy Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2003
    sorry - just assumed your speakers would have a headphone socket - most computer speakers do.

    otherwise, you need to connect the headphones to a seperate chain within the mixer, i.e. connect the headphones to the monitor outputs and use the auxes to feed the Emu.

    you are gonna need to upgrade before you get much flexibility or performance.

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