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  1. I'm trying to get my yamaha mg16/4 set up to my computer for recording. All I have as far as inputs/outputs on my computer are the 1/8" outputs from my soundblaster sound card. I want to set it up so that my monitors(m-adudio pro3[yea i know, they're cheap]) go out through my mixer.
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    That's a nice little mixer and its easy to connect to your " blaster" type soundcard. You'll probably want to go to Radio Shaft to purchase two, 1/8" stereo mini phone plug, to 2 RCA plugs (White-left, red-right).

    Your mixer already has those RCA plugs on the back of it labeled, 2 track recorder, record and playback. So you'll use one of those Radio Shaft cables to go from your mixers 2 track record output to the blue line input of your blaster card. Conversely, you'll love the other Radio Shaft cord into the blaster's Green line output to the mixers 2 track playback monitor input. Then to monitor your computer through the mixer to your self powered monitors becomes a simple push of a button. Now you're cooking with gas! Because recording is a gas.

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