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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by TheRecordingNoob, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone!:biggrin: I'm new, so please bare with me...:wink:

    Okay, so I recently bought a HP Envy 14. It has plenty of Ram, space, and a 64-bit OS. It is a very nice laptop, and I'm very pleased with it. A couple days ago I downloaded Cubase 5, and was hoping to start recording, but the built in mic on my laptop won't pick up sound in Cubase. I have experience using Cubase 5, but I am unsure about how to get everything set up. I would love to able to lay down a track and record over it while listening to the previous track, but I AM SUCH A NOOB! I am really very clueless about all this and any time I look up information people are using terms that I am unfamiliar with and it all flies over my head. I am trying to do this with spending as little money as possible, but am willing to spend the $$ if need be. I have an EV 100m Entertainer Mixer and a Peavey PA - 400 and some decent mics. What kind of cables/adapters do I need to hook the mixer/PA to my computer? Is a mixer/PA even necessary? If not, what do I need?
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    You don't need a mixer, google audio interface. This device should have a preamp and either a firewire or USB connection to your computer and drivers. I doubt that Cubase will recognize your sound card as an audio device, but perhaps someone could help with that, though even if it did the results will be poor soundcards are not meant for high fidelity recording.
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    You may also want to invest in some studio monitors(speakers), so that you can hear what your doing. The audio interface will provide inputs for your mics, and also outs for your monitors. jg49 is right, there's no need for the mixer.
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