settings of powerdrums (audition 1.5) to adobe soundbooth

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    I am a radiuomaker from the Netherlands. For years I've been using my Adobe Audition 1.5 for mastering my endmixes. I always use the setting "powerdums" under "effects" - "amplitude" - "dynamics processing".

    Currently I am switching to the Mac and Audition 1.5 is windows based only. Adobe has a got a fairly new program (Soundbooth) which has some limitations (only one track editing).

    The other possibilities with this program are good enough for me so I kind a like the program and are ready to buy it. I am currently running the demo version (free trial for 30 days).

    I wonder how I can use the same setiings of the powerdums in Audition 1.5 in Soundbooth. The problem is that the parameters are different.

    In Soundbooth you have the standard limiter/compressor/gate settings with the well known parameters. Auditions 1.5 seems to be different.
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    Just listen - Do what the mix tells you to do. If you find yourself using the same settings all the time, find out what the mixes are lacking and fix it.
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    You may have to resort to writing down the settings for each parameter and then manually entering them into Soundbooth's compressor. Soundbooth is based on Audition 2 code, as far as I can see, and the method of storing presets changed completely between Audition 1.5 and Audition 2.


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