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Discussion in 'Recording' started by soccersw2, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Okay, so here's the deal. I have an hp G72 laptop (I don't think it's not a horrible laptop for recording), JamMan looper, Phonic Powerpod 410 / S710 PA Package ( Buy Phonic Powerpod 410 / S710 PA Package | Live Sound Packages | Musician's Friend ), Rp 1000 effects, a decent Peavy halfstack amp, and guitars I need.

    Since the mic in the PA package was pretty crappy I've been trying to record directly from the amp into the computer. (I'm using Mixcraft 5 for recording software) But, when I start recording using a distortion present on my effects board it starts to fade out at diffrent frequencies and I get this wah wah sound. I tried recording a loop and then putting the mp3 on the computer. Same thing. But, when I run the loop through my amp there is no problem. I sometimes get this on clean but not as bad.

    So with that problem and plus I don't get a real PRO sound, I am trying to but some new equipment for recording a good sound with no problems. But, as I look more and more into the options and equipment everything is getting very confusing on what I actually need that doesn't cost crazy ammounts of money. I'm also pretty new to recording so I need some help.

    I was planning on getting Pro Tool 9 that comes with a Mbox 2 mini. Would the Mbox fix the sound? I'm really confused. I was also planning on getting a condensed microphone (suggestions?) and just record the amp and run it through the mbox into the computer with pro tools. Is that the way to go? Any suggestions? Comments? Thanks in advance
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    You need a computer interface either to record the output of the mixer or record directly an instrument or microphone. You need to decide how many channels you want to record simultaneously before we can advise you. Also, you have to understand that cheap and pro results cannot possibly go together. By all means you can get good results with middle road gear, but the cheaper you go the less acceptable the results will be. If you know and like ProTools then that is an option again based upon number of inputs.
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    Isnt the mbox 2 mini the computer interface? And I am a single band so I only need the one to two inputs at one time
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    But you don't own the MBox mini yet, correct? As such it behooves you to look at your options. After all, you did come here for advice. My advice is to get an interface with as many inputs as you can project yourself to need in the future even if you don't need that many now. My git r dun advice is to get an interface with a minimum of two mic and line inputs since cash reality gets in the way of plans.

    The Mini only has one mic input and in my personal opinion that is one two few to meet my minimum criteria. I think the equivalent priced M-Audio units are a better bang for the buck than any version of the MBox, but none of them are my favorites. The only "advantage" of the MBox family is that they come with a copy of ProTools. And that is only an advantage if you know and like ProTools otherwise there are equivalently priced non AVID products that have a better sound to them-again in my opinion.
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    No, I don't. The only reason I was looking into it is because it looked like a good deal, but if there is something better that is not ALOT more money then I would go with that. What are some other interfaces and software you recommend getting? (Trying to stay in around the price range of -700$ maybe 800 tops)
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    if it were me and i had 800 to spend:
    (note, this is just me)
    130$-ish sm 57 cable and a stand
    60$ reaper and a license
    225$ get a cakewalk ua25ex
    and put the rest into monitors, or another mic and monitors

    in other words, skip the m-box. get reaper for 60$, a 57 for 99$, and then decide which 2 mic input inteface you can afford with the least objectionable pre amps and save money for monitors.

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