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  1. Alright. I am wondering how I would go about setting up a compressor so I can use it while recording and after recording. The setup that I will have is a Soundcraft FX8 Mixer, DBX 166XL Compressor, Maya1010 souncard, and Cool Edit Pro 2.0. Also, assume I am recording drums and am using 8 channels for it. Is there anyway I can do a slight compression on them before recording without buying 8 compressors? And what if I wanted to add an enhancer in my setup? Thanks a lot for the help!
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    Sep 19, 2003

    Next time don't post this in pro audio gear, keep it in home studio - you'll get an answer quicker.

    that said, before recording you will need to patch it into an insert point on the mixer. this can only happen on one channel, unless the dbx is 2-channel, in which case....

    8 channels, needs 8 compressors. i don't know cool edit, but a good free compressor i hear tell is the blockfish - check the free plugins link here. you can run this on the channels later.

    you don't need to compress the drums on the way in - just make sure they peak (peak) no higher than -1dB.

    enhancer, same rules. again, you can do it in the box 1 x8.

  3. Thanks a bunch
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