Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by MWA, May 29, 2006.

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  1. MWA

    MWA Guest

    I need someone here who is willing to help me choose, set-up and configure my little studio thing I wanna get going here. I will need someone who has vast knowledge of this stuff to help me out. I will need help with a couple of things including:

    -choosing a MIDI Controller
    -setting up the MIDI Controller with the correct software, something that will allow me to make drum tracks, orchestra, all the weird noises etc
    -getting that stuff into protools as a midi track or what I dunno??
    -some preamp stuff

    Basically I need someone here to jump on board, then I will PM you with what I already have, what I think I need and whatever, then I'll need someone to walk me through how to get all this stuff up and running as user friendly as possible.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    you have Protools already
    which one and which interface ?
  3. Alécio Costa - Brazil

    Alécio Costa - Brazil Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2002

    please provide more details about your system.
    Let us try to help you on here so more members can share the cool info.
  4. MWA

    MWA Guest

    I have a 001 and I'm running 6.4 on a PC.
  5. MWA

    MWA Guest

    I have a 001 and I'm running 6.4 on a PC. Anyways while Im here I might aswell add some more questions. Im looking at getting a presonus tube mic pre, I believe its called a bluetube, is this a wise investment? Are tube mic-pre's warmer, and better? Im trying to get a sound thats fairly professional, so Im assuming presonus would be a good way to go aswell as a tube mic-pre... so yeah..

    any answers about that MIDI stuff anyone?
    I need a controller and software thats easy to use and comes with a crap-load of sounds, something like cubase maybe but with sounds/samples etc already built in... stringed instruments, other weird noises blah balh.. that you can pencil in what you want and such, or can that stuff be done in protools? Like for example I want to just write in some drums, obviously they will have there own dedicated track, so that when I get it in to protools, it will be like it was recorded right in protools.. Does that make sense, because I may want to throw some plug-ins on these later on.. like kick drum, snare, toms, will all have there own tracks, obviously... but I mean rather than creating the drum sound then bringing it into protools on one track, thats what i dont want. Anywas your answers are welcome thanks.

  6. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    that's fine I don't see any need to upgrade for now

    IF you want more inputs for recording a band OR to add outboard gear and hardware synths I'd say you must look to either
    a Behringer ADA80000
    or a s/h Alesis Ai3

    The B will give some Mic-pres and trimable inputs
    The Ai3 is a simple line I/O even though it's a little low to be called a pro unit.
    I use one as a synth return

    you get what you pay for
    that fact that you are here and asking questions like this makes it very easy to advise.
    DON'T get excited about all these fancy Mic-pres UNLESS you have the money to back it up and buy the GOOD stuff.

    without quality Mics it is hard to hear the differences. A Quality Mic can be as cheap and simple as an SM57.
    Don't forget the real Mic lead to go with it.

    I THINK you need to look at some Mics and leads first.

    THEN you need some real monitoring ... and that includes Headphones and a H/P Amp for Cues.

    Like the Mics ... don't go cheap.
    If you buy RIGHT ... these things will last a very very long time with no need for upgrades .... unlike the computer.

    AS for the midi
    if you have 6.4 then you should have had Reason Adapted in the pack.
    Try it.
    If you like move on to the full version. It works with PT quite well.

    Any of the controllers will get you going.
    Chose one with enough Keys for the music you want to play AND I suggest one with both Midi and USB if possible.

    The 001 does have a Midi port so there is no problem with having a controller with a Midi Port.
    It's just that I feel that USB could be the way of the future and so the need for a Midi Port in the old sense of the DIN3 /5 connector may not be the simplest way to go.

    I think the drum machine in Reason can enter ProTools as individual sounds and so you could record audio files as you would a real kit.

    Don't rush to by external units as it only aggravates the lack of knowledge about use and interfacing of gear
    balanced unbalanced +4dBu, 0dBm, -10dbV .... 600ohm termination.

    Keep it simple and concentrate on the music and take the technical stuff one unit at a time.

    A 001 has two Mic inputs that are fair for many sources.
    An ADA80000 has 8 Mic input that are OK for the rough stuff like drums and heavy guitars.

    It can be argued that you will want a nice mic-pre but we can look at that later when you have more knowledge.
  7. MWA

    MWA Guest

    Ummmm ok.. I have three sm57's and two sm58's, a beta 52, condensers and pencil condensers and blah blah... I got the mics already, and I have an eight channel mic-pre aswell, and I have a couple of KRK's as monitors.. I'm looking in to a tube mic because Im looking for a warm professional sound, something that I figure the 001 might not be able to offer. I don't need the mic-pre for MORE inputs, I was looking into it for BETTER inputs, and I am asking if tube mic-pre's are the way to go, because of all the good things I hear about them. When I get into recording I have access to some really good mics... So once again, are tube mic-pre's and the one I have in mind the presonus bluetube, BETTER QUALITY , WARMER sounding than the standard mic-pres in my 001? If so than its already worth the money.

    Also, I never got any reason adapted stuff with my 6.4.

    My MAIN concern is MIDI, and being able to and having access to many, many, many sounds, drums being one, stringed instruments, as many as I can get my hands on that are built in to the program in question... but I'm looking for something thats easy to map out, and easy to get into protools without losing any quality... something like cubase maybe? but cubase doesnt have sounds with it does it? So anyways yeah thanks.

  8. MWA

    MWA Guest


    so is anyone going to reply?
  9. JayStyles

    JayStyles Guest

    If you're looking for good drum, strings, and SFX sounds reason is the way to go. I have a Digi002R and Run Pro Tools 7 on my PC. Reason adapted was great, but very limiting so I went and got Reson 3.0 and WOW. Great program!!!! Lot's of midi insterments... Anything from strings, to alien SFX. Many different drum kits and samples, percussion, guitars, basses, synths ect... Worth the cash!

    Well All I can say is spend the money on a good mic and forget about the pre (for now). Like I said I have the Digi002R, and instead of going and throwing my cash at a good pre I started with a good mic. I bought a Rode K2 tube mic and it ROCKS!!!! I work with Neumann U89 and U87s on a daily bases here at work, but in my studio at home I have the K2 and I have to say I think the K2 does a better job (of course certian things are better throught the Neumannn but over all I like the K2 better). Not to say the Neumanns aren't great mics (for 1500-3000 they better be), but I think the K2 is much warmer. It's a tube mic so if you're looking for the tube warmth I suggest doing what did and find a nice compressor that dosn't take too much away from the mic to chain in with it.

    Hope this helps!
    Jay 8)
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