Should I cave and get Pro Tools?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by MediaMurder, Oct 1, 2007.

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    I guess Im trying to keep upgrading for better sound and more professional gear. Not sure what I should do next. I want to be able to produce rock bands entirely so I know I need at least 8 xlr ins to record a whole drum kit right?
    Right now this is what Im using:

    20' intel iMac (2 gigs), running boot camp
    on XP I have Sonar 6 PE, reason 3, gearbox, sound forge 8.
    on OSX I have Logic pro 8 (demo from school), reason, gearbox.
    toneport ux2
    m-audio 75w studio monitors
    Oxygen 8 midi controller
    AT2020 mic package (vocal and instument)

    To this I was thinking of just saving up and getting the m-audio projectMix i/o and the academic Pro Tools 7.3 to go with it.
    Any suggestions?

    BIGSTL Guest

    i like protools

    BIGSTL Guest

    i like protools
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    The first question I would ask it, do you access access to a good mic and pre? If not, that's what I would invest in. If you've got Logic Pro, its good enough until you hit it and have piles to spend on whatever you like. People may argue about what sounds better, or what is easier to work with, but this difference is nothing when compared with your analog gear. Today I recorded a vid. The mic on the Video (Sony HVR Z1N) sounds like a typical crappy-ass roomy echoy mic. I also did it with Nuemann U 87 (Heart setting), Brent Averill pre, Motu 828 into Digital Performer. TOTALLY different when both are put into FCP (later to go into Logic 7). Think of it this way, no matter what software you buy, it will be with you for a year or six month before it needs to be upgraded. If you buy a good mic and a good pre, you'll have it your whole career, just like a good guitar or piano. So just try to avoid buying the toys. Buy something that will last and bring you pride and joy.

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