Should I get the RME ADI-2?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by VonRoschke, May 18, 2006.

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  1. VonRoschke

    VonRoschke Guest

    Obviously, this question could be answered if I had both units. Unfortunately, I have the Emu 1212m and am considering buying the RME ADI-2 AD/DA converter, but the problem is: If the Emu 1212m soundcard sports less stated jitter (596ps as stated in their manual using Audio Precision 2) than the RME ADI-2 which has less than 800ps of jitter according to their manual, why should I choose the RME ADI-2? Not only that, it states in the review of the ADI-2 in SOS: “The published specs make impressive reading, with an A-D signal-to-noise ratio of 113dBA and distortion below 0.0003 percent. The D-A boasts a signal-to-noise figure of 119dBA and distortion below 0.0007 percent.” Unfortunately, the stated figures for the Emu 1212m appear to give better specs as the analog line inputs state SNR – 120db (A-weighted) with .0003% THD and the analog line outputs sport SNR – 120db (A-weighted) with .0006% THD. In all respects, the Emu 1212m seems to perform much better than the ADI-2 in terms of its specs. Am I missing something here?

    My other question is: if I happened to use the RME ADI-2 via SPDIF in and out with my 1212M card, will the 1212M card have any influence upon the sound even though the RME is using its AD and DA conversion?

  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    Like many digital products, the E-MU 1212M has beter internal clock specs than using an external clock. Your stressing over nothing. You are not EVER going to be able to hear the difference between one or the other as far as jitter. If you want to use the S/PDIF of the 1212M for analog inputs you have no choice, you have to use external converters and live with whatever atrifacts they may induce which is not even worth talking about. Worry more about your recording and mixing skills as they are going to have much more impact on your overall results.
  3. VonRoschke

    VonRoschke Guest

    Thanks, great advice.

    I'm beginning to get back to concentrating more on my mixing technique. But since I'm half audiophilite, I'm going to build/tweak my own AD/DA converter.

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