Shure SE110 vs E2 Earphones

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    Jun 3, 2004
    I'm not sure that this is the correct forum to be posting this question in, but it seemed to be the most relevant (I will delete/repost in a different one if desired)... I'm in a band and am looking for some good earphones to take with me on the road/when I travel (instead of constantly worrying that my Sony MDR-7506s will get crushed in our van). I did a little research and it seems to me that the Shure earphones are the best value when it comes to earphones (please correct me if I'm wrong)...

    My budget is around $100, and accordingly I've narrowed it down to the Shure SE110's and E2s, and was just wondering if anyone had any advice when it came to choosing between the two sets. The E2s are obviously more geared towards musicians/a live setting, and the SE110s more towards consumers - does anyone know what kind of difference exists between the two when it comes to audio response?

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    Jun 3, 2004
    Got it:

    Q: What are the differences between Shure's E Series (E2c, E3c, E4c and E5c) and SE Models (SE210, SE310, SE420 and SE530)?

    A: Shure’s new Sound Isolating™ Earphones (SE210, SE310, SE420 and SE530) offer a number of unique attributes including new sound signatures, modularity, style and ergonomics:

    * Sound signatures: The new line of earphones utilizes the same professional-grade, award-winning in-ear technology as the E3c, E4c and E5c, with their own unique sound signatures. Incorporating balanced armature drivers that are compact in size but not in sound, Shure earphones offer increasing range and detail as you move up the line.
    * Modularity: The new modular design allows for the use of variable cable lengths, as well as functionality that can be added inline, such as the Push-To-Hear (PTH) accessory.
    * Style and ergonomics: Both fashionable and functional, the new Shure Sound Isolating Earphones offer a secure, lightweight, comfortable fit in stylish designs.

    All of these features extend the sound isolating product range from which individuals can personalize their listening experiences, while retaining the professional-grade features that have won so many accolades.

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