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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by niros, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. niros

    niros Guest

    After many months of hard work in my small home studio I finally finished my first song, although it is no great masterpiece there was a lot of knowledge gained from my experience. What’s more important are the questions that arose from this practice.

    I got it all done burned it to a CD and listened to it on various sources just like everyone says to do. I noticed that that the clarity and depth was not great, also it seemed to lack that analog thickness that I’m looking for and it’s overall volume was much lower than a professional CD. I then took a professional CD with the style of music that I created and compared it to my recording. I could hear a big difference and see a big one on the meters of my mackie 16x8 board. I thought about where my samples came from and realized that, because of my inexperience I may have recorded them a bit cold going in to the DAW. I tried going back and making some changes to the different tracks ie, compression, eq, things like that. Overall the mix got a lot better when I used a Waves L2 plug in on the final mix.

    So I thought about different configurations of preamps compressors and eq’s that could help my signal chain going in to my DAW and for my final mix during mix down.

    I was thinking along the lines of an old analog preamp / eq like a NEVE 1073, Vintech X81 or some instrument that I can use to give my sampled sounds that fat analog thickness before going into my DAW. I have also heard of guy’s running their final mix thought a pair of these to fatten their sound up.

    Here is my set up Mackie 16x8 bus mixer hooked up to a protools 002 Rack that runs on a laptop. A Desktop that is used for editing and mixing down with a echo MIA soundcard. A tr707, tr727, access virus indigo, 2 technics 1200’s, Electrix filterfactory, moFX, Warpfactory. Once the samples that I’m going to use are in the computer most of my mixing is done in the box. Any suggestions
  2. heyman

    heyman Guest

    Well, a couple of things. As far as the Actual finished volume, yes the waves plugin will help, but that is what the mastering process is for.- They can also fine tune the mix thru eq and other techniques to make the instruments stand out more.

    As far as Tape warmth. if you want a plugin solution to simulate it, I hear that Crane song makes a Pro tools plugin to add some "color" or warmth( I hate saying that) back into your mix.

    Also Hardware - Check out the Empirical Labs Fatso device. You also may want to do your Summing (mix to 2 tracks) outside of Protools to get you where you need to go..

    Be patient, your ears will adjust to your mixes and your exisitng equipment as well.

    Hope that helps.

  3. niros

    niros Guest

    Hey Thanks for the reply Jim. I'v heard about the fatso but never got a chance to check it out, might be up my alley. there were a couple of reasons I suggested the x81 One of them was the analog warmth that you were talking about and I even thought of getting two of them to do exactly what you said, doing the summing outside of protools. The other reason was that I could use it as a preamp and mike different instruments and artifacts throught it into protools. I guess I'm trying to get different opinions and ideas on what everone uses, so I can make an educated decision and buy a piece of gear that will benefit me in more than one way.
    Do you think that I could use the fatso to add warmth on the way in to protools on a synth for instance, or just for the final mix.

    If I had the money I would buy a fatso two X81's and a RED 2 EQ to top it off.

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