Signal Flow; Digi002, 3 pairs of speakers and an AV Receiver

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by tofumusic, Sep 21, 2004.

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    Hi everyone.. . I'm trying to do something that seems nearly impossible, but somehwat easy. . It's just I can't get it right for some reason. . I apologize if this has been posted to the wrong forum..
    I've searched through my getting started guide that came with the 002 and it doesn't mention how to do this so I'm hoping someone can give me some insight as to how I can achieve the following with what I've got.

    Up until today I had a DIGI 002 and some studiophile powered speakers. My setup was pretty good but I didn't really care for the monitors. Just as I sarted to think about how I could use some consumer grade speakers to mix with a friend of mine sold me for a great price:

    Technics AV Control Receiver SA-DX950
    A pair of Digi. Acoustics PS-CV speakers
    A pair of Yamaha NS-A638s

    I don't know about the DAs but these Yamahas sound pretty good and the bass is really kicking so that's great but here's what I'd really like to do:

    I want to be able to work with at least 2 of the monitors: The Studiophile's and the Yamaha's (Studiophiles being the primary, control with the Monitor level knob on the 002 which is working good for now.. ) If I can use the Digital Acoustic speakers that would be cool. The receiver can use speakers "A", "B" or "A" and "B" but speakers "A" arre the only ones labelled so it's been kind of confusing trying to get it to work.

    I got my turntables to work so I can track records now but I have to bus from a mono track to another mono track and then record from the 2nd mono track so if that's normal then it's cool it works...

    Tha receiver takes only RCA except for the optical 1 and 2. Here is how I currently have it setup:

    turnatables > receiver phono in. from here there's an "out" option on the receiver so "out > alt src. input on the 002"

    To hear my Pro Tools sessions on the consumer speakers:
    Digi 002 > RCA alt. main unbal. -10dbv out > "FRONT" on the receiver. The problem with this is when I listen it's really loud, even wayyy below 0db on the receiver.

    Is it possible to hear itunes playing with the Digi 002 on standby sending the signal to the receiver and to the Ymaha's ? So far this isn't working and since I set everything up I'm getting feedback on the powered Studiophile monitors connected directly to the 002. :(

    Sorry this is so long. TIA for any help/suggestions. I'm poor so naturally I don't want to spend any more money but if I have to to get some good sound then I'll save my pennies lol. . Thanks again!
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    May 27, 2001
    Perhaps one of these could help?
  3. tofumusic

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    Yes that would definitely be nice. . But even better if I could save $300
  4. tofumusic

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    I think I've got it working! Only slight problems are I'll have to unplug the Yamaha's if I want to switch to the DA's and vice versa, and also the signal going into the receiver is coming out of the main monitor out on the 002 so for some reason it's pretty loud so I have to make sure the volume's all the way down on the receiver or else I may blow out the speaker.. :(
    The Big Knob looks cool I could definitely use that..

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