signal flow ??? new to the recording studio

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  1. iamsaved

    iamsaved Guest

    signal flow
    I am new to the recording studio
    I've just purchased a complete studio package secondhand some of the items do not have manuals and would like to have help with single flow
    here is a list of equipment
    ProTools digi 002 rack
    Mackie Pro tools controler
    Mackie 24/4 channel mixer
    Alesis AI-3 24 bit analog to ADAT optical Interface
    PreSonus, Eureka Preamp, Compressor and Equalizer
    Alesis 3630 Compressor.. which I heard was not that good should I just hook up the preamp with compressor instead of 3630
    Peavey Q215fx dual 15 band Equalizer with FLS
    Blue Sky Monitoring Systems
    Alesis MicroVerb 4 effects
    2- Samson C-que8 head phone boxes
    E Magic MIDI Transmiter patch w/ 2 ins & 4 outs
    Roland XP-30
    Yamaha Motif 6
    Triton Rack
    MPC 1000
    4 Shure Sm- 58 Mics, 2- AKG C200b Condensor Mics, 4-samson mics
    Protools LE With Waves plugins
    please provide as much detail as possible
    thank you for anyone willing to respond to this post
  2. overlookfran

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    HI Bob,

    well, signal flow is a relative science, but the grounded aspects of it are mic to preamp, preamp to mixer, mixer to tape. thats about as simple as you can look at it to record a signal, but of course it truly isnt that easy sometimes.

    in your setup, which is quite a setup for someone new to recording, I would most likely just go right into the 002R and use the Mackie Controller to mix in the box. Since you dont have any outboard preamps it seems, you might as well go right into the 002. Since it seems you have an external converter on the other hand, you can run all your mics right into the 24/4 mixer, then to the ADAT interface, then into the 002. That way, you will utilize the mackie preamps, which are ok at best, but will give you more hands on analog control of the signal before it gets converted. that might be a good learning process if nothing else, and might be good for you to understand signal flow, EQ, pre and post fader FX and sends, rather than relying on Pro Tools to learn. Hands on is always better. But since you have an analog mixer AND a DAW controller, you have flexibility and the best of both worlds. i think you wil find the quality of sound to be the in the same ballpark no matter which route you least until you get some nice outboard preamps and a better converter. the alesis converter is probably on par with the 002 converters...give or take. The Eureka is probably on par with the 002 pres as well, but like I said, using outboard gear is nice since it is a more tangible methos of getting your hands on signal processing, rather than seeing it done on the screen. Also, what kind of computer is running pro tools...this is also a big factor!
    but, you have a nice gear list. the 3630 is shite, but again, nice to learn on. triton AND motif? wow...

    try micing things, run some into 002 direct, some through the 24/4. see what you like better. make sure your monitors are calibrated and the filters are flat for good reference. remember: mic to preamp, preamp to tape is rule of thumb. You can put a compressor after the preamp to try and add some color and fatness. or run an Aux send from the 24/4 to the 3630 and back to the 24/4. not terribly traditional, but again, good practice.
  3. iamsaved

    iamsaved Guest

    Re: well...

    Thanks Overlookfran

    OK so you believe alesis converter is probably on par with the 002 converters...give or take. The Eureka is probably on par with the 002 pres as well, so you believe the Eureka would not be hooked up at all because we'd be using the Mackey 24/4 preamp & preamps in the 002 but what about the compressor in the Eureka would that be better than 3630 or should I just invest in buying a new compressor. does that mean eventually I need to try to sell these components on eBay or some other place and buy a better preamp and compressor & converters how about the equalizer? any ideas ??? what components would you reccomend to buy which one would be 1st on the wish list ??

    For Sale ???? Alesis AI-3 24 bit analog to ADAT optical Interface
    PreSonus, Eureka Preamp, Compressor and Equalizer
    Alesis 3630 Compressor..,,,
    Peavey Q215fx dual 15 band Equalizer with FLS .......Call Bob, lol

    I will get back to you on the computer there is an external FireWire drive. and another external hard drive.

    Thanks for your help

  4. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    why sell the Ai3 ?

    you have a 002 with an ADAT optical ... I'd keep it to expand the I/O

    The Ai3 does need a resistive pad on the front door to give it a little help for the 14/16dBu to get to the more normal 22dBu of the modern mic-pres and other outboard.

    You may not get much money for it so it is best to keep until you need an upgrade or you change the 002

    ALL of this is out the window if you want to record at the higher rates.

    No matter what you do decide, please make sure that good monitoring and monitor control is one the list.
    Then look to Mic's and Micpres ... you will be using these long after you have upgraded the computer side of things.
  5. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2004
    If you aren't already a keyboard/MIDI guy, you might as well sell all of the keyboard/MIDI stuff unless you think you will have people coming in to record that might wanna tinker with it. Use the money to place your ad in the phonebook under "recording studios." Make sure you put "ProTools" somewhere really big, and you are all set. :cool:

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