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Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by jcnoernberg, Mar 23, 2006.

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    Does anyone have a simple system they can recommend for recording maybe 1 or 2 tracks to some sort of hard-disk/flash based recorder? It's a line-level source from band practice. I don't need high quality, just something to keep track of that new song/riff you came up with, or maybe something to stream on a website.

    I do have a laptop w/ a usb interface that works great, but it's pretty bulky and fragile. It's just a pain to drag to practice. Some of those little 8-track recorders are just overkill for what I want...

    So, has anyone been using something that works great for you and is cost effective (under $100 or so hopefully)?
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    cassette? MiniDisc? Many of the portable hard disc MP3 type devices also do recording...and some of them allow you to record in a couple different formats.

    For that purpose I bought a portable Minidisc recorder. The unit I have was released before they had the technology to record wav files but it's great for recording a whole band rehearsal. It lasts forever on a single AA battery and I can index everything. It also has an autoindex feature where it will put a marker in every 5 minutes or so. With that, i just hit record and record us for like 2 hours. Then I can use the indexes to find the "good stuff".
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    minidisc huh? i forgot about that format! it never took off here in the states, but i hear its (or was) huge overseas. maybe i could pick one up pretty cheap on ebay.

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