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    Can anyone tell me step by step what equipment i'll have to get to start up a simple recording area in my room using a PC? Want to record/playback using my computer and record at least 4 instruments at once. Can anyone help?
  2. apstrong

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    Feb 13, 2009
    1. Recording software - Cubase, Reaper, Kristal, ProTools, etc.
    2. Interface with 4 channels - Presonus, M-Audio, RME. Personally, I'd go for 8 channels for future expansion. Probably comes with free light version of recording software in 1 above.
    3. 4 microphones. On a budget? Four sm57s. Or 3 and one SM58 for vocals. Drums? Then two sm57s and two small diaphragm condensors for overheads, vocals into a sm57, add a foam windscreen for 2$. Add a pop filter for 20$.
    4. 4 microphone cables. Brand more or less irrelevant.
    5. 4 microphone stands.
    6. 2 monitors or good headphones. Monitors preferable. KRK RP5 or RP6 perhaps, etc.
    7. If monitors, then 2 cables to connect them to the interface.
    8. 3 friends to play the other instruments.
    9. Basic sound treatment for your room.
    10. About 1500 bucks to pay for it all. Give or take. Probably give (to them) and take (from you).

    That is all.

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