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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Mbira, May 4, 2004.

  1. Mbira

    Mbira Guest

    Does anyone know what type of mics, compressors, etc are used for the vocals in the group Morphine? I'm not so interested in the "effect" stuff, more how they get the clean vocal sound. Thanks.
  2. johnnywiz

    johnnywiz Guest

    Howdy Joel,
    Here's a brief history of what Mark used in the early years.
    At home, vocals were recorded w/ 414 or C12 :arrow: Summit pre :arrow: TubeTech comp.

    You mean your not interested in the taxi-mic "effect"?

    Live it was Audix OM5's or Taxi :arrow: Console mic-pre dujour (usually a yomama 3k or 4k) :arrow: shitload of pcm70 plate

    *should read "were"
  3. Mbira

    Mbira Guest

    Thanks Johnnywiz!
    Yeah I was talking very much in the present tense.

  4. johnnywiz

    johnnywiz Guest

    Glad to help.
    It's a good thing to keep Mark alive in spirit.
    Morphine = Beauty

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