sm57´s as overheads inconvinience?

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  1. recently i ordered a couple of audix 15 fussion mics to use them as overheads for drum recording. the thing its that there seem to be a confusion with the order and they sent me a couple of i5´s (they mistook the 1 for i) so i did research on the mic and it seems to be compared to the sm57. so my question is.

    am i going to get a very undesired sound if i used them as overheads?

    is there any kind of inconvienience?

    are they better than the 57s for micing really heavy distorded guitars?

    would aprecciate your comments to see if i return them or not.
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    i wouldnt recommend 57's as overheads. you should try to get some condenser mics.

    whats your budget?
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    First up, the i5 is a dynamic mic, while the 15 is a condenser.

    You won't get the same kind of transient response from the dynamic mic than you will with the condenser mic. (The Shure SM57 is also a dynamic mic). There are books written on this entire subject, but the short answer is that dynamic mics have a different sound (response) due to the mechanics of a moving coil interacting with a permanent magnet which in turn creates the signal. No power supply needed in this case, but the sonic tradeoff is less detail and transient response. It's a more "sluggish" response.

    Condenser microphones use a charged diaphragm and preamp that generates the signal. In a condenser microphone, (also known as a capacitor microphone) the diaphragm acts as one plate of a capacitor, and the vibrations produce changes in a voltage maintained across the capacitor plates. Capacitor microphones can be expensive and require a power supply, (hence the 48 V phantom power supply) but give a much higher-quality sound.

    Not knowing the i5 mic and what it sounds like, I can't comment on your choices, but I'd stick with the dynamics (and mics like the Audix 15) for the drums themselves, for close-micing toms, snare, etc., and go with a condenser for room sound and overheads. It's tempting to go with the dynamics mics that were shipped to you, but I think you'll be happier with the condensers in the long run.
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    The Audix i5 is one of the very best instrument mics on the planet...quite on a level with the SM57 if not a touch 'better' ..(less grain) ...It is ,however, a cardioid dynamic and as such wont be the mic you envisioned for overheads. However, if you can keep them AND buy a set of Small Diaphram Condensers for the drum overs, you'll find yourself with two really good mics for any purpose you would use a dynamic on.
  5. thank you very much for your answers. about my budged for new overheads im not sure i have recently bought a lot of equipment and im not sure how much could i spend right now.

    if im micin my drums with 57s (toms, snare) anda beta 52 (bass drum) thinking in that price and quality line, what would be the equivalent in overhead mics?
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    There's quite a few. My favorite budget condenser is the Oktava MK-012. They go for about $100 a pop, and you can get them at just about any Guitar Center. Sometimes, you can catch a sale where they do buy-one-get-one-free, and get two mics for $100. Very nice. They even make little shockmounts for them that you can get separately.

    You can also check out mics like the Shure SM-81 (about $300 although it's better as a hi-hat or ride mic than as an overall overhead in my opinion), Shure KSM27 or 32 (The KSM32 goes for around $500 and has a pretty flat response in comparison to the $300 KSM27). There are plenty more, but these are the ones I've used and liked. Your mileage may vary.
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    you should check out the samson C02. I dont know what they are like, since i have no experiance with them. They are only $120 for a pair. So they are pretty cheap.

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