SM7 vs RE-20 vs ATM25

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Bassman2003, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Bassman2003

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    I am looking for a nice dynamic for recording that will fit these roles:

    1) Studio Voiceover
    2) Kick/Bass cab
    3) Intrument - Trumpet/Sax

    I have a Presonus Firepod for location work and a Firewire 410 for home use.

    I listened to the Senn. 421 and did not like it, so I came up with these three.

    If the ATM25 is close it has a price 1/3 of the others, it will probably win, but quality is important to me.

  2. stonewall40

    stonewall40 Guest

    I am not sure about the others, but I would NOT suggest the ATM25. Quite a ahwile ago I tested it doing a voice over for a comercial against aan At 3035 LD consdensor. The condensor won hands down.

    The ATM25 is better suited for micing kick drums, bass cabs and the like. I just didnt have any clarity for voices compared to that cheap condensor we used.

    I think both SM7 and the RE20 would be solid choices as an all-around mic for your situation, and will last you a lifetime.

    Hope it helps narrow it down to two for ya.
  3. moonbaby

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    Feb 23, 2005
    I can say that the RE-20, properly cared for, will last a lifetime, and
    can be used on all sorts of stuff. You don't have to baby it...just don't throw it against a wall or into the ocean! They are pretty much bulletproof. They make a very good mic on saxes, brass, bass, kick,etc. as well as vocals. The SM7's I have used were pretty
    much a "one-trick pony" for vocals. They sound good for that, and I'm sure maybe some other applications, but that built-in foam windscreen can get funky over time, and then they get gnarly-sounding. Get the RE20- you'll never regret it!
  4. Bassman2003

    Bassman2003 Guest


    The RE-20 seems to be a favorite.
  5. jamiey

    jamiey Guest

    I personally like the sm7 much better, but they are both good.
  6. 1stbaseman

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    Just my .02 cents, but I use my Rode Broadcaster for all of my VO's and for my kick drum (just inside the front head) it sounds great for both applications. I have not had much opportunity to record sax, but I did use it for a session with bagpipes...Awesome!

    It's just another alternative.


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