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  1. I just got two sm81 s and theyre great, but when I use them I have to cramk my preamp on my firepod almost all the way up, and its noisy. Anyone have any sugestions?
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    Do you have the -10dB pad on? The SM81 is not quite like the more common higher output cheap China made mic's that don't need as much gain.
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    Or BOTH? The SM81 does NOT suffer for output. Go slow and your problem will reveal itself.
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    That's really queer? I mean the microphone that is! Certainly not Davedog.

    I had 4 of those since they were introduced way back when. Nice hot output. But that peculiar, circular pad switch can bite you in the ass. Sometimes it gets enabled just by rubbing your finger against the microphone inadvertently. Or by putting a pop filter on the front of the microphone as supplied with it.

    Be careful however, the capsule can be unscrewed. Make sure it is properly and lightly tight. Few people also know that there is also an Omni capsule also available, if one should so desire. And as electret/pre polarized microphones go, it can be more sensitive to humidity which can also cause other problems. Possibly similar to what you have experienced? Nice to purchase those in pairs. But beware, the capsules aged quite differently from one another and so, if like myself, you should find yourself with 2 pairs, mark each pair, so that you don't interchange them. If you do, you might find that in a stereo situation, they really won't match. That's why I have my red pair and my purple pair. A girl has to look good you know, along with her microphones.

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