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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by trojanso9, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. trojanso9

    trojanso9 Guest

    recording my first demo for a local band.
    if you would go take a listen and give me tips on things that i could improve on for the next time i record that would be excellent!

    i used.
    mbox 2
    shure sm57- some vocals
    marshal mxl990 - vocals and drums
    marshall mxl991- drums
    sony oxford plugins
  2. backinthelab

    backinthelab Guest

    You may want to put this over on MARSH if you can handle some forum beatdowns (they're VERY honest over there).

    I listened to the first track, Fiesta something. First off, the compression is horrid. You need to convert to a higher sample rate. Also, the drums need some work, the cymbals sound way dirty and clangy even for this genre. Actually, just find a new drummer he's not keeping time at all, even in half time.

    Screaming vocals too hot, the singing part needs some gain, verb and eq, can't hear the bass (is there one?) and the guitar tracks aren't very strong (could probably use some mid-range boost and compression).

    For this genre, you'd probably want to crank the bass and tune the guitars in a bit better.

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