So let me start by saying****

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by jetoney, Mar 18, 2002.

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    Let me start by saying:I am so ^#$%ing stupid.
    A)I am still testing, but my gut feeling is there is nothing wrong with the OC possibilities on this chip.
    B)Never , and I mean NEVER ^#$% with a masters work(OPUS).
    C)A 300 power supply will probably work fine.
    D)No matter what a manual says, cable select does not always work-I think, and I feel this was the basis of my problem.

    I brought my system home after Opus put it together for me. I then proceeded to test some things:
    LIKE, would my drives transfer better on the controller card, than off the onboard controller?
    Not much!
    when I put the thing back together, being a newbie and all, I set it up cable select.
    After bringing home a new power supply tonight, and trying to fire the thing up, it would not reboot. Then it hit me(as it should have a week ago), when Opus set this up, he set it up a certain way where the main drive was on the first cable connector set to master, then the cdrom was set to slave. Then on secondary, I had the cdrw. On the controller card was my audio drive as master. Then on his machine the removable(and audio drive I think) was set to master,and
    on secondary, the cdrw as slave. He had a problem one night when I was over , with the cable select BS and the main APP drive, SO, I switched it and you guessed it booted NO Problem. I am not done testing yet and my nerves are still a little frazzled by all of this and I will say this for fear of Karma, Voodoo,or whatever: Costa Rica, I am sorry for all the name calling that has persisted in your behalf. I was upset and didn't mean a word of it!!!! I may like to visit someday, and do not want to be welcomed as the TOWN ASS!!!
    Anyway, I think I am finally coming up for air and would also like to thank Opus for his patience, and I know this is going to cost me a good night of partying, provided I am out of the woods. I will finish this off in the morning!!!

    JT(a humbled man, indeed!!)
  2. tundrkys

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    Well this doesn't sound like the answer to my problem. I have my drives set up the way you said Opus set yours in the first place. Also, my computer seams to work better without the PCI cards, you were right Opus. However the only reason that I say "better", is because the computer will allow me to install XP without the modem and sound card, but keeps restarting itself with the cards in, usually when it is checking system settings and so on.
    So I guess I will be building the Opus2000. Will I be able to skimp a little bit and use this 512MB of 133SDRAM for the time being, since I already got it?
  3. Jon Best

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    Mar 18, 2001
    Well, I know someone who may have some spare parts to sell you... :)

  4. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    The P4B266 does indeed support 133 SDRAM but why? It seems that DDR 266 RAM isnt that much more expensive...but the fact that you allready have the RAM is probably the factor there.
    See..if the PCI cards are out and you dont have a problem you've done the best troubleshooting there is..cold hard facts are what it boils down to..
    As for as Jetoney goes...dont mess with the Master!! Shogun!! Lmao!! Thats what he was saying in that song last night Jason!! I'm the master...ha ha ha ha!!
    Opus :D

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