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    I get a nice, clean, full undistorted tone, but I always wonder if I'm doing things in the optimum way, there are SO many level adjustments...
    I use an old TASCAM M35 mixer(8x4x2) into an M audio 1010lt soundcard into Cakewalk Sonar 7 Producers Edition.
    The direct out on each channel of the mixing board goes into an individual input of the 1010lt.

    Why do I using an ancient mixing board? Versatility. I still have a TEAC 80-8 reel to reel connected to it, also, to my ears, the signal is a little "warmer" out of the M35, plus I have the flexibility of 3 choices, I can either going into the pc, the tape deck, or having friends over to jam through the sound system without turning on the pc or tape deck, or all 3 choices without unplugging and plugging cables... just push some buttons on the mixer.

    So back to levels when recording on the pc.

    For example, lets say you are recording direct from the Line Outs on a Fender GDEC 30 amp.
    You have from 1 - 10 on the line out level.
    Then on the channel strip of the M35, there is a knob for the level, a knob for the gain, and a slider for another level adjustment, the the Bus level slider and the Master slider...
    Then on the 1010lt, there is a mixing board with channel level and Master level
    then you've got the level on the software channel...

    That's 9 level adjustments!!!!

    Currently I have the GDEC Line out level on 10, and everything else on about 7.
    Again, the signal is strong, clean and clear, no distortion and nice fidelity.

    When I use a Digitech 2120 multi effects unit, I put it on 1/2.

    Could I be doing the levels better?
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