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    Hi over there. Well the thing is I´ve been recording this CD with my band that we "guess" will have the sonic quality to be ready for the market, or at least to sound like a really good quality demo ( hehe), anyway, we are from a small country so and our goal is to get a deal abroad, our music is prog-rock with lots of electronic elements, so it´s not what you would call mainstream.

    My big problem here is that I don´t really know what are the things I should pursue, like what kind of deal, what should I get or do, or whatever, I´m very noob about business on this particular field so I don´t know what could happen if I eventually have a deal of some kind with a label. Should I just send the record abroad to some labels and expect an answer?....but then how I know it would be a good deal?....

    hope I was clear enough :oops:

    Thanks for any help you could give me!!!
  2. Don't just send out a demo in a shotgun mailing. If you do, no one will listen to it. Its called unsolicited mail (or SPAM!) and 99% of labels have a policy against it. Typically, either the A&R from the label will come to you or you need to try to sell yourself to the label. Your music is your product, labels are the consumers, innocent people who are forced to listen to the crap put out by labels because retailers won't sell anything else and radio won't play anything else are the tortured beings who deserve a much better life but will never receive that better life because of something we call "captalism".

    Ugh, sorry for that rant there.

    Anyway, you have to sell your product to the label. The more selling points you have (i.e. great looks, great stage show, great looks, large following, great looks, and so forth and great looks) and the better your chances of getting signed to a label. Basically, you must prove to the label they will turn a LARGE profit with you.

    Sorry, label talk makes me rant a lot, and so does a 36 hour day....
  3. Oh yeah, get a good attorney. They are your best friends even if they are expensive. Money can't buy happiness, but it sure goes a long way with friends.
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    Thanks for answering Brian!. Well, so if it´s not right to just send the demos, how should I sell my product?, I mean, as I said I´m from COsta Rica so to get to those labels in person let´s say it´s out of my budget for now :( , but I´m already almost done with my webstite, so I guess It can help for showing what we got. So because we´re not pursuing one of the BIG labels, cause our music is not very mainstream I guess "looks" doesn´t count "that" much, but I guess at least we have to look profesionoal

    and for my other question.....let´s say I´ve got an answer from a label saying they´re interested....what can I expect from them, what is the ofer they usually give......

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer!

    Juan Pablo
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    I understand there are different types of contracts with labels,

    here's any idea what to expect on a full label contract...



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