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  1. Can somebody, anybody give me a good software chain for mixing vocals.

    Thanks for the Guidance!!!
  2. Dosser

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    May 31, 2005
    Nashville, TN
    Well, it all depends on the type of music you're doing, and how the vocal was recorded in the first place.

    As ar as plug ins on the vocal insert, you may need to start with a De-esser. If the vocal is too sibilant, you want to take care of that first, before you do anything else to make it louder.

    Then you may need to use some EQ and compression, the order of which depends on what you're trying to do. There's a lot more to this part than can really be contained in a simple post. Experience is the best guide here, so experiment a lot and try to find what works for you.

    You might also want to use some type of tape saturation plug if you need more warmth, but a lot of these type plugs can hurt more than help.

    As for effects (reverb, delay, chorus, etc.), set those up as aux sends instead of inserts. This will give you more control of them in the mix, and can conserve DSP usage, as opposed to using them on track inserts.

    BTW, nice name and avatar, Tommy. :lol:
  3. Thanks. I love Cobra. How would you set up if you were doing r&b or rap vocals?

    Thanks for the Guidance!!!
  4. Kev

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    Nov 13, 2001
    I tend to use a Hi-Pass filter at the record stage or at the first insert
    then leave a gap for the De-essser ... but only use this IF needed.
    The other inserts are used to control the current vocal ... EQ and comp

    I always use a vocal sub group where there is a vocal EQ and a group compressor/limiter
    and I usually return the reverb into here
    The sub group gives all the vocals in the song a single signature

    this sort of thing is much easier to show than to put into words
  5. By group do you mean put all of the vocals onto one track then add effects? Or one bus? ANd if you mean bus how would you do that with Cool Edit?

    Thanks for the Guidance!!!
  6. DOnt answer that last question!! All I had to do was read!!! It was to easy to do.

    Thanks for the Guidance!!!!
  7. roguescout

    roguescout Guest

    Anyone want to back me up on the PSP Vintage Warmer with one of the more subtle presets on the tail-end of this?

    Good calls Dosser.

    BTW-Destro kicks Cobra Commander's ass any day of the week! :twisted:
  8. Destro? :shock: Cobra Commander? :shock: Who is talking about those LAMES! It is all about the STORMSHADOW baby!!!! I use the PSP Vintage Warmer in the front and end of the vocals, and at the end of the final mix. Is that too much? I also the PSP MixBass plug also. It can also give that warm sensation to tracks.

    Snake Eyes was a punk too!!!!!

    Thanks for the Guidance!!!!
  9. Dosser

    Dosser Active Member

    May 31, 2005
    Nashville, TN
    That might be a bit much of the warming. I always use things like that (MaxBass as well) as more of a subtle thing. If I need it more than that, I'm usually doing something else wrong (EQ, or compression) thats killing the warmth, bottom end, etc.

    As far as the front end, I don't usually use warmer plugs or any other plugs to record. I'd rather have a really fat mic pre or a warmer mic (not necessarily in that order).

    I haven't used the PSP stuff that much (I'm a TDM guy). I really like the Cranesong Phoenix plug.

    As far as rap, I don't do a lot of that, so I can't comment. I would guess its more about getting that up front sound more than overall warmth. R&B and Gospel definitley have some really great, warm vocal sounds, though.

    We all know who pulls the stings when it comes to Storm Shadow - Cobra Commander!!

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