software gate for VO? or hardware?

Discussion in 'Mixing' started by drumist69, Mar 22, 2007.

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    Hi! I've recorded VO for 6 episodes of a local access cable show for a friend of mine...
    The setup was 4 voice actors in one room, so there was a lot of bleed through all the mics. In post, I manually cut out the dead spaces between each actors spoken parts. We also recorded 1 or 2 minutes of room sound with all mics open and total silence (except for any ambient noise) to fill in between spoken lines. Overall, it came out sounding pretty good for my first attempt at this sort of thing, but a lot of time was involved in cutting out the dead air on each mic/track.
    Is there a VST plugin gate that would work to kill the bleed through on the open mics between speach? I pulled up one of the un-edited files and tried Floorfish on it, but couldn't find a way to keep it from "fading in" the spoken part while still keeping out the bleed through. I'm suspecting hardware gates on each mic might be the best bet, but if there is a good free or cheap VST gate that would be better and cheaper! We're going to be recording more episodes about 2 weeks from now, so I want to see what my options are before I plunk down more money.
    As for hardware gates, I really haven't looked into that yet, but I'm about to go research this aspect. There are 4 mics involved, so I'd need 4 gate channels I suppose. I was thinking the cheapest route here would be the Alesis 3630 comp/gate, but I don't know if the gating it accomplishes would be any better or worse than a plugin like Floorfish. I'd hate to blow $200 and find out I could have done it as well for free. Thanks for any ideas! ANDY
  2. drumist69

    drumist69 Active Member

    Well, for what its worth, I'm bidding on a Furman Quad Gate QN44 on ebay. So far its under $100 nicely, so I figure if it doesn't quite work for my needs, still might be fun to play with. Anyone have any knowledge of this unit?? ANDY
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    In my opinion a good and cheap solution would be a plugin expander gate. I've tested a few of them for narration recordings and I can recommend Waves Rennaisance Vox (instant one slider solution for typical voice work), Kjaerhus Golden Gate (takes time to set it right, but its a good product), slim slow slider gate (it's free and quite good). Sometimes the best way is to fade audio files manualy or by your host automation. I don't recommend gating signal during recording with hardware gates.
  4. drumist69

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    Thanks! I'll check the slim slow slider, as thats the only free plug in I haven't tried yet, I believe! ANDY

    OK, tried that one with previous takes, and it doesn't seem to be getting it done either. I'll take my chances and play with the old hardware gate I guess! ANDY

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