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  1. reginald

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    I tend to use fruity loops to compose beats but i rather have a feeling that recording live insruments is better idont know actually im confused can someo0ne help :roll: :
  2. Thomaster

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    pleeeeeaaaaaaaseee DELETE this one?!
  3. theholotrope

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    Hey reginald, live instruments are always better...always. unless youre doing the napolean dynamite "underscore". you should preferably leave software for sampling as a last resort(like when you're lacking friends who play the zither). Step-editing in fruity loops is very useful for electronic music but not for almost any other style.

  4. larrye

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    Oct 28, 2002
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    Real instruments, played by someone who can play, recorded and mixed properly will sound better.

    But give me an artist with some good samples and knowledge and the skill to use those samples, mixed properly, will beat the heck out of most of the noise I hear on radio and TV.

    Therefore I think it depends on:

    1. Budget!!!
    2. Musician's skill
    3. Budget !!!
    4. million other things and budget

    Simple question, answers will vary
  5. artgug

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    All things being equal, real musicians ALWAYS sound better.

    Still no excuse for talent though. All types of music and musicians with talent will do a hell of a lot better with loops, than many of us will do with a live band and our Pro Tools setup.

    Its amazing that such a stupid question can start a discussion like this.

    Its also amazing on these boards how many people ask questions like "Just bought a PC, how do i record a CD?", or "Why dont my Acid Loops sounds as good as my Black Eyed Peas CD?"
  6. cane-cutter

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    i used fruity loops and i am not a big fan of changes the i will recomend you record the live stuff....and get an akia for drums sounds....if you cannot get a drum room sorted out...
  7. FIMseth

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    It depends on what kind of sound you want. You could always do both. Make a couple beats and record live stuff over that.

    And next time, take a look at what your about to post.......geez. what ever happened to spell check and sobriety.
  8. larrye

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    Oct 28, 2002
    southeast Indiana
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    Just curious, I wonder how many CD's are recorded today using synth's for strings, piano, and etc? I'm not talking rap, or rock, but music like that of Rod Stewart?

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