software suggestions for recording conga and djembe

Discussion in 'Drums' started by CongueroMon, Aug 10, 2010.

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    First time poster here.

    I am looking for software that is descent for recording conga/tumba/quinto and djembe.

    I use a Xenyx1202 4-track mixer. I mic the congas with Audix D2's and I use a Shure PG81 to mic the djembe. I run the mixer into my laptop or PC.

    I was using an older version of Cakewalk (2003 I think) but the PC I had it on got struck by lightning and I can't find the product key for the software anymore.

    My budget is slim.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions!
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    For a slim budget, the choice for a multi-track DAW usually is Reaper. Audacity is free, but limited to two-track recording on most interfaces, but this may be OK for you at the present time.

    It doesn't matter what you are recording, it's how you record it that counts. I have blanked out any memory of ever having had to use a Xenyx 1202, but a quick glance at the manual shows that its AUX or FX outputs are always post-fader, and therefore not usable independently of the main outputs. This gives you only the two main stereo outs as independent channels into your DAW software, so you will have to perform some mixing at record time.

    What is the digitizing interface on the PC or laptop? I hope it is not the built-in sound card.

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