Solasynth SE by the Giana-Brotherz

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    Solasynth SE is an ensemble file for Reaktor from Native Instruments. It is made with version 4.13 of Reaktor by Sola from the Giana-Brotherz at . The presets are designed by Chicken, rsmus7 and Sola.


    - 4 very flexible syncable oscillators with wavetable or reaktor oscillators
    - 2 complex multi mode filters with many filter types and saturations
    - slide, mono and unison function and spread knob
    - 4 envelopes, 2 free assignable and 2 fixed
    - FM, pwm and phase modulation
    - 2 different ringmodulators
    - pitchbend adjustable
    - modulation matrix
    - 3 flexible lfos
    - chorus
    - reverb
    - clipper
    - scope
    - delay
    - eq

    There is a manual on the side B and every knob, display, button and fader has its own info. On the side B you can get some informations about the macros and the location of each macro in the signal flow. The knobs, faders, buttons, menus and displays are described too.

    The Solasynth SE comes with a modulation matrix with 11 source to destination slots. On the panel the modulation matrix is like the others but this one is made with many connections and switches and not with selectors, distrubutors and relays.

    There are new oscillators now. 4saw, 4pls and triangle are new. The triangle is conventional and the 4saw and 4pls are more special. They have a nice function. Each of them has 4 oscillators and they are syncable to each other if you want that even when there is no other oscillator on. The saws of the 4saw are detuneable with the PW knob.

    There are new filter types too. A 2peak filter, a 2 band pass and a 2 notch filter are included now. You can spread their frequencies with a new spread knob.

    There is a unison spread knob now. You can make nice unison pads or strings especially when you use 4saw and 4pls oscillators.

    Some things changed that I havenĀ“t meantioned but you can find it out by yourself. ;-)


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