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  1. I have friends that do some alright recording, and I was just recently getting more into that kind of stuff myself. I've been in a band before, so I've been around recording equipment, but I'm really new to doing the recording.

    As of now, I'm trying to find some equipment thats good enough quality without having to pay too much. I'm only a student in highschool and while I'm definitely NOT financially challenged, i don't have all the money in the world. I have Logic Studio on my Macbook Pro, and what I'm really looking for right now is a means of actually recording.

    One of my friends suggested maybe a Tascam. I talked to another friend about it and he said i probably wouldn't need that, and that for what I'm doing I probably only need an interface with 1 or 2 instrument inputs and 1 or 2 mic inputs.

    I would appreciate any help or advice there is to give.

    I have around $500 or $600. Also, if i need to, I could get more from my bank account, but I'm hoping that won't be necessary. It would be ideal if i didn't have to pay too much more than $200 on any individual piece of equipment, but i can if it's recommended.
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    Jul 21, 2006
    google 'MAC firewire audio interface'
    There should be something there that fits your budget.
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    Jun 26, 2007
    Jordon is cool,

    A highschooler with 500 bucks and a bank account. It's almost too easy:)

    What you really need, more then a diploma, is to get a focus on what you want to do. Use words like "I will record one instrument at a time" and "I will only use one microphone at a time", I can mix with monitors" or "I just need headphones for now", etc.

    Define what it is, realistically, you are trying to achieve with a modest setup to yourself. Be clear and be concise, no nebulous statements like "I want to record some tracks of instruments" can be used.

    There is positively absolutely too much gear that can be purchased to do a start up home recording setup.

    So while knowing you have, what I consider a pretty good budget for a highschooler (I spent 27.50 over the past two weeks and had buyers remorse... and I have a real job:) it doesn't matter, if you cannot tell someone else what it is you are trying to achieve.

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