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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by TREV, Oct 9, 2003.

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    Thanks for your time. I have a monitor, keyboard, mouse..ext. but no computer.

    I want to build my own PC for recording. Where is a good place to go for parts and are there any recomendations for which parts to get. I am an amateur and am having a friend build it. he is just not familer to the audio portion. I have looked at the digi sit and that helps.

    I am looking to run maybe, pro tools, digi 002 rack. I want the ability to record then burn the wav. files to cd and take the session to another studio if I want... for someone to mix and master.

    just looking for some thoughts on the bare minimum I will need for the case. I don't even what to put a motum in it... just for audio only

    thank you all so much for my many of the wall question. I have roughly 1000-1200 dollars to spend. thanks
  2. mjones4th

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    Aug 15, 2003
    Hey trev,

    This is a really in depth question. I will try to start you off with some pointers.

    Let me start by saying, make sure all your technologies are at least 6 months old. By that time, the price has dropped significantly, reviews are available, and the bug list has been produced.

    First decision, Intel or AMD processor. Intel is more stable, more supported, and probably the better choice, but more expensive and produces more heat. AMD has the Athlon 64, but no 64 bit OS or apps to take advantage of it (unless you count linux) but that will change with time.

    Get a really good mobo, there are a million choices, I like Asus. Make a list of features, order it from must-have to optional to not-needed. Then eliminate models until you're left with 4-5. Then scour the internet for reviews, associated problems, etc. Of course this info won't be available for your brand new, hot off the presses, bell-and-whistle laden mobo. THis is probably your most important decision.

    Next, is the RAM, Buy good stuff, but don't worry too much about the CL or CAS rating (same thing) CAS2 or CL2 RAM is faster than CAS3 or CL3, but you won't notice the difference. I like Crucial RAM. Get at least 512MB, preferrably 1GB, but this highly depends on your work methods.

    Hard drives are next. Get at least two. One for OS and programs, and one for audio. You can skimp on the size of the OS drive to save some cash. But for the audio drive, get one as big and fast as possible, preferrably SATA, if your mobo supports it (or you can get an SATA controller), and make sure the drive has 8MB cache. Also, get quality cables. If the drive is PATA, get the rounded cables. And try to keep the cable runs short.

    Get a quality internal CDRW. Plextor is top of the line, but costs. Sony is really goods. Or you can get a firewire model for around $100. If you go internal, you'll want to get a PCI IDE controller, because you ideally want to keep each hard drive on its own channel, and most mobo,s only have two channels (to support up to four devices)

    Next is the Video card. Unless your mobo has built in video, you'll need one. I recommend a moderate one, because I've heard that supercharged video cards can have a negative impact on audio performance.

    Next, you'll need a firewire card for your Digi002 Rack. Get 1394b, AKA FW800. Its backwards compatible with 1394a, and its faster. You'll need a special cable to attach 1394a devices like your digi to a 1394b port.

    Finally the case and power supply. If your budget permits, buy them separately. Get a quality power supply. Any power supply rated over 400 watts will be more than sufficient for you. You can also skimp on the case, if aesthetics are not important to you. But make sure its properly cooled. Get good fans.

    You may also want to consider a network card. Most mobos nowadays come with built in networking, but if not then you'll need a PCI card. You could always disable it or remove it if you don't need it, but it is the best way to do your software updating.

    Hope this helps.


    PS I know i forgot something, but i'll come back when I remember
  3. TREV

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    THANKS A MILLION!! That was a good start. I will try and follow that. What would be the cost of all of that roughly....
  4. mjones4th

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    Aug 15, 2003
    anywhere from $600 to $3000 depending on what parts you choose.

    Use,,, etc. to get good prices. There are plenty of bargains out there, but try to stick with reputable stores. That will make it easier for you to return stuff if needed.
  5. mjones4th

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    Aug 15, 2003
    here are some approximates:

    processor $250
    motherboard $150
    RAM $150 for 1GB
    Hard Drive $50 for 20GB, $150 for 180GB
    Hard Drive Cables $30
    CD Burner $50
    Video Card $75
    Firewire card $25
    Power Supply $70
    case $50
    total $1050
  6. mjones4th

    mjones4th Active Member

    Aug 15, 2003
    Also, to find good dealers, use or, and read their seller ratings.

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