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  1. Al-Kazak

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    I have been recording for a few years now using the same stuff. The stuff I use is probably quite pathetic but my parents won't let me record more "professionally" until I head off to college. I have been using a computer microphone (which actually sounds pretty clear) to record everything: singing, guitars, etc. It is great to record vocals, acoustic instruments, and bass guitars (with or without amps) however everything else, it is a bit hard, especially electric guitars. Next, I have been recording all the sound onto my computer. I have a program called Cool Edit which is a multi-track layering program with adjustable effects of course (like delays/filters/reverbs/etc). It is a pretty solid program. My questions are-

    What should I get to record my electric guitars, etc, but at the same time stay pretty cheap about it?
    What is the best computer program for recording? Or is Cool Edit sufficient enough? I am interested in the best one.
    Tips on using the EQ? I am horrible at getting the best settings.

    One last question. I am on the road a lot so I usually have a laptop with me. The other day my friend had a Apple laptop which had a fantastic and fun program called Garage Band. I tried to see if it was Windows compatible, but it was Mac only. Is there a similar program to Garage Band for Windows? Of course I could use programs like Guitar Pro, etc, but Garage Band is so much more efficient, quicker and funner.

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    Either of these as an interface because they each come with programs that are better than cool edit.

    (Dead Link Removed)


    (Dead Link Removed)

    Then as a microphone get a Shure SM57

    (Dead Link Removed)

    It sounds like a lot when you're first starting out but you will be able to use them and you will get much better results than cool edit and a computer mic.
  3. Cucco

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    Mar 8, 2004
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    A couple things -

    First, the software package "Garage Band" is owned and developed by Apple, therefore, it's an Apple only product. However, there are "free" packages for recording on PC such as Audacity.

    On that subject, I would caution one thing. "Cool Edit" is an old program. Regardless of its age, it's a fine program. However, since Adobe (who bought out Syntrillium thus converting "Cool Edit" to "Adobe Audition") offered registered users a free upgrade to Adobe Audition.

    That being said, the only people that I have seen that use Cool Edit are using hacked (illegal) copies. Please be cautious and aware that people around here (including myself) do not take kindly to people using hacked software. Whether this is intentional or not, simply be aware.

    I'm not condeming you yet as you may, for some reason, actually own a copy of it. In my experience though, I haven't seen anyone who "OWNS" a copy of Cool Edit and didn't switch to Audition.

    Using free software such as Audacity may be more limiting than using Cool Edit, but it's certainly more legal.

    With regards to the other stuff -
    Yes, a computer mic and built-in sound card is no way to record. Sure, it can be done, but that doesn't mean it's done well.

    Get an inexpensive interface such as the ones listed by KHilbert or even cheaper such as Emu or SM Pro or M-Audio.

    Then, buy yourself a Shure SM57. The interface will be dead and/or obsolete before you know it, but the Shure SM57 will outsurvive you and perhaps even cockroaches.

  4. Al-Kazak

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    Thanks for the input guys and I will check out the programs if they have demos I could download.

    Is the Shure SM57 the best microphone in terms of quality and price? I don't want to spend a lot.

    I obtained a long time ago Cool Edit before the merge with Adobe to add edited audio into movies my friend and I made. Ever since I started recording, I didn't want to buy a new program so I just moved Cool Edit off my old computer to my new one however I never got any info to convert to Adobe. The version I have isn't even updated.
  5. Codemonkey

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    Dec 11, 2007
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    The SM57 is like a hammer. Versatile as anything. Not magic for vocals I gather but so far noone has said that it sucks for anything.

    It's probably the best ~$80 you'll spend on mics.

    Oh, and I gather that a SM57 is the snare mic of choice.
  6. Cucco

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    Mar 8, 2004
    Tacoma, WA
    You gather well.

    Except that the 57 is actually quite magical on many types of vocals. Particularly very agressive or loud voices and actually quite nice on rap.

    Heh..."nice" and "rap" in the same sentence...kinda makes me chuckle.
  7. Cucco

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    Mar 8, 2004
    Tacoma, WA
    Fair enough.

    I guess it's good I didn't just start jumping all over you. (y)


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    Speaking of that, the goddam rappers behind us had their system cranked to 11 tonight, so we had to do vox in the drum room!


    I'm so sick of this sh*t!!!

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