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  1. Hi Guys,

    at the moment im using Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (now known as Adobe Audition) to record and mix songs. I do rap music and when ive recorded the vocals I mix them as good as I can to try and give them that professional sound where your voice sounds soft and blends in with the music but I feel like there's something missing at the moment, the vocals sound a bit hard and rough, im not sure what extra effects I need to put in to make it work, take a listen to my latest track and you'll hear what I mean...

    YouTube - Kenan Waters - Forget You [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    Any help?

    Thanks guys x
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    Feb 3, 2010
    Well, it doesn't sound to bad but as the name stats "Adobe AUDITION", I would look into upgrading your DAW. You can get Sonar fairly cheap or PT LE with one of the Mbox set ups. Again fairly reasonable. With the mix, the vocals sound a little loud compared to the backing track and back ground vocals. You want the mix to sound as if everyone is in the same room and all part of the same performance. Frank Sinatra was always super loud and up front but that doesn't really work with today's R&b especially with lower end recordings. A good trick is to turn down the monitors super low, then turn the vocals completely down. Slowly turn up the vocals until you can make out what you are saying. The turn up the whole thing again to compare with the bass and low end of the whole performance. Also, your voice could use some compression if not using some already. Super fast attack like with an 1176. don't be afraid to compress a lot or to compress only a few DB. Experiment and do what best suits you. Hope this helps.
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