something wrong with my home setup? or my new guitar?

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by kidwood, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. kidwood

    kidwood Guest

    I bought a new guitar- works great. Except i noticed that the 1st string was losing sustain around the middle frets when I plugged it into my home recording setup.

    The guitar is new, so I immediatly took it back to the store. And sure enough, when I plugged into their amp- it sounded just fine.
    (therefore I am not submitting this to a guitar forum)

    However, when I play at home the high E string has limited sustain and also has some type of high pitched harmonic overtones.
    Particularly at frets 14,15,16.

    I don't hear this when I play it unamplified. I don't hear this when I used an alternate amp.
    And I don't hear it when I use another guitar with my setup.

    My setup is a Line-6 guitar port going into a Tascam going into my PC via USB.
    Whether I use my speakers or headphones I hear this 'interferrence' and have poor sustain on the high E string.

    Has anyone heard of something like this? Why would it be limited to only my new guitar and not the others?

    The fact that I could not reproduce this problem using the store's amp and my guitar makes me certain that the guitar is not at fault.

    Or - is it a combinantion of something worng with the guitar and something wrong with my setup?

    please help... If this guitar is bad I want to take it back.
    But I can't justify it now b/c I can't reproduce the problem

  2. kidwood

    kidwood Guest

    I should add that my new guitar has active pickups and the other guitars have passive.

    Am I over-juicing my setup?
  3. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    You could be ... try another guitar just for ruks ... if the problem goes away then it's the guitar. Try something else besides the Line 6 ... does the problem dissappear? Try the Line 6 through another guitar amp instead of the recording rig ... ... Just exchange different elements in the signal chain until you can isolate the problem ...
  4. Sanity Inn

    Sanity Inn Guest

    what kind of guitar is it?

    I was having the same sort of prob noticing sustain on my high E of a new takamine, 12 string,,, when plugged in

    also when i record DI in thru my Sebatron, using the pick up, i get a harmonic ringing in the recording,,( not assuming its my pre here)

    anyway, i was going to suggest restringing the High E and see if it sits better,, IF you haven't tried that already

  5. kidwood

    kidwood Guest

    I just went back and tried my other guitar with the same setup- and I can hear the saem thing going on- only it is not as noticable. Must be the passive pickups are not amplifying the problem like the new guitar.

    Cedar- I'll try what you said- good idea. Gotta figure out if it's the cables, the guitar port, the tascam, etc.

    Anyway, have my eye on the Line6 Podxt Pro Amp. The guitar port seems has seen it's day, I believe.

  6. boheme6

    boheme6 Guest

    pick yourself up a decent used amp.. and mic it!
    If you don't want the noise of a cranked amp..
    get an amp head, and build a chamber (I did that back in college, worked great).

    I'd avoid modeling if possible - while it's a useful tool.. and you can get some good sounds out of it.. It's always going to come up short as meat & potatoes tone.

    Just my .02 - ymmv

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